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Political Leafleting: Eduardo Bolsonaro Wasn’t Worried about his Father’s Stabbing

Excessive vanity can be problematic. People leave traces on social media because they can’t help themselves. They are addicted to exposure, they cannot see themselves a single day without sharing on social media whatever they are doing. They tell their whereabouts, what they were doing, who they were connected to and when any event in their lives […]

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NEGOP Throws a Nazi Rally in Western Nebraska; Local Press Totally Ignores It

We all remember the TPUSA and Nebraska Freedom Coalition sponsored event with Jack Posobiec that Creighton cancelled on Saturday, April 9th. But did you know the NEGOP sponsored another event starring the same antisemitic Pizzagate conspiracy theorist in Western Nebraska on April 8th? Did you know that at least three gubernatorial candidates and the elusive […]

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Alt-Right Summit to be Hosted at Creighton

We at Seeing Red were hardly through our morning coffee before we learned of an event being hosted tomorrow at Creighton University and billed as the “Take Back Nebraska Summit ’22.” Our interest was piqued immediately because there was something about a cocktail reception. Unfortunately, cocktails will not be strong enough to recover from the […]

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Call to Action: Stop the Real “Mind Polluters”

It should come as no surprise to regular readers, or hell, anyone who hasn’t had their head stuck in the sand for the last two years that a bunch of really terrible people are trying to take over our public schools. We have reported on the extremist, Kirk Penner, that was recently appointed to the […]

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Governor Ricketts just appointed an extremist conspiracy theorist to the State Board of Ed

Ricketts announced that he’s appointing conspiracy-theory loving anti-vaxxer (and anti- everything, really) Kirk Penner of Aurora to the State Board of Education vacancy for district 5. Some of Penner’s not yet deleted tweets are below. This is the kind of person who is going to be making decisions about the education of kids in this […]

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A Wolf in Dog’s Fur

The data has been clear for some time that cops in schools do not make children safer; particularly children of color, autistic and disabled children, and LGBTQIA+ children. These children are more often injured or killed, face harsher school punishments, and are placed squarely in the school to prison pipeline. School Resource Officers are significantly […]