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Town Halls 101

It is that time of year again, congress is on break, and if your representatives aren’t 100% tools, they will put themselves at the mercy of a town hall gathering in order to get free campaign media coverage on the taxpayer dime while NOT having to face an opponent in a debate.  Case in point, […]

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Early warning: it’s about to get a whole lot worse at Tecumseh

Today corrupt prison official Scott Frakes announced that another one of Pete Ricketts’s bad ideas will be taking over at the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution. This new bad idea, warden Todd Wasmer, looks to be a perfect sadistic Moe to the fascist Larry and Curly of Frakes and Ricketts. The most alarming thing about this […]

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Overview and Reflections on Lincoln’s Safe Storage Task Force

In July 2019, the mayor’s office of Lincoln, NE released a report of the findings and recommendations of a volunteer task force on the topic of limiting child access to firearms and safe storage. This report was the culmination of six meetings of a diverse group of stakeholders, including public health, Lincoln Public Schools, suicide […]