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Suzanne Geist’s Legislative Record Is Bad News for Lincoln

A picture emerges of a candidate who is not guided by public welfare or sound judgment, but by the highly partisan interests of wealthy donors–including weakening local democracy when the governor’s interests have conflicted with Lincoln’s.

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Suzanne Geist is Not Qualified to be Mayor

There are plenty of reasons to oppose Suzanne Geist for mayor of Lincoln, from her push to repeal background checks and training for guns and full repeal of Lincoln’s firearm ordinances, to her “lie to women” bill that passed into law and now requires doctors to give pregnant people bad information that could kill them […]

Dear Red

Dear Red: Advice for Living in a Fascist Hellscape

We are pleased to announce “Dear Red,” an advice column about navigating life in a fascist hellscape. Send your questions to us (indicating it’s for “Dear Red”) and we will remove identifying information when we answer. You can email or find us on Twitter (@SeeingRedNE), Facebook, or Insta (@SeeingRedNE). Dear Red FAQ Are you mental […]