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Actions speak louder than words: a lesson in obscenity

Last night, the Nebraska legislature debated a controversial bill, LB441, which would criminalize school librarians for having items in the library that anyone might deem obscene, despite a clear legal definition of that word, and despite the fact that schools are already held to obscenity laws. This important legal discussion was interrupted by an inappropriate […]

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Local hate group Protect Nebraska Children is continuing their attack on public schools

This article comes with a time-sensitive call to action – please read!

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Senator Loren Lippincott Wants to Eliminate Tenure in Nebraska Because Our Blog Has Pointed Out that his Aide is as Dumb as a Box of Rocks

Specifically, as dumb as a box of rocks who throws itself at the US Capitol, then throws itself at trans kids, then buys itself a tiara and says it’s a beauty queen.

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Prison reform: submit testimony on LB980 today

There are a lot of bills going through the legislature right now, and many deserve our attention. But today, we’re going to introduce you to LB980 and encourage you to submit online testimony today, or testify in person tomorrow. Senator McKinney introduced LB980 as part of his efforts to reform Nebraska’s justice system to make […]

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Testifying in the Time of COVID

You might see an announcement that the legislature has expanded options for testimony and comment due to COVID and think, “Oh good, I can testify over video.” You would be wrong. Despite all the technological advancements that have been adopted during the pandemic, you still cannot testify with video conferencing tools. The revisions to policies […]

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Testimony to the Nebraska Capitol Commission on Rules Governing Free Speech on Capitol Grounds

Hello, My name is Patricia Wonch Hill and I want to thank the Capitol Commission in advance for hearing my public comments today. I am here today because I am looking for clarification and for an update from this commission to the use and rules of the public spaces on the capitol grounds. The Nebraska […]

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Expand Medicaid Now. No More Excuses.

Ok, we are just going to make this one super quick. If you tuned in to the Governor’s Costco ad, I mean press conference, on Wednesday and managed to make it through the CEO of Costco’s talk (whyyyyyyyy) without turning it off, you may have noticed that someone finally asked the Governor about Medicaid expansion. […]

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State Senators Can’t Phone It In

There are many jobs in our society that the last couple of weeks have shown us can be done from the comfort of our homes, often in our pajamas. State Senator isn’t one of them. The government of this state is asking all of us to do our parts to slow the spread of COVID-19. […]

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It’s time to end natural hair discrimination at work

Summertime was the time I felt most uncomfortable about my hair, because when I switched to the predominantly white school district of Bellevue Public Schools, it was the first time I was going to almost exclusively majority white neighborhood pools. It’s where I have one of my earliest memories of playing the PoC game – […]

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Sen. Slama’s Nazi Problem

For a while now the Nebraska GOP has had a Nazi problem, and a new chapter was added last week at the legislature. Senator Julie Slama was appointed by Governor Ricketts to her seat in the Legislature, but prior to that she served alongside confirmed white supremacist Bennett Bressman on Ricketts’s 2018 reelection campaign. You […]