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Fuck You Friday Pt Deux

Welcome back to Fuck You Friday – here is Pt Deux sent in by a reader.

I would also add: Senator Linehan, who, during her opening remarks at the Appropriations Committee hearing on her proposed LB1402, again insulted 117,000 Nebraska voters as “silly” for signing the petition to place LB753 on the ballot so voters can have the final say on the insanity (and unconstitutionality) of tax dollars going to private (and mostly religious) schools. Additionally, Sens. Erdman, Lippincott, and Armendariz, who demonstrated their disdain for opposition testifiers AND added insult to 117,000 voters, by insisting that those who signed the petition didn’t understand the bill nor the facts, and that petition circulators were all liars who misled people into signing. (And let’s not forget Armendariz telling the tale of her husband’s attraction to a “provocatively clad woman” at a Casey’s gas station who must surely have been using her womanly ways while she lied to get people to sign the petition.)

Christy Armendariz with Don Bacon and Protect Nebraska Children endorsed former candidate for SBOE Marni Hodgen (Marni did not win her seat)

And since I’m sharing some additional award suggestions with you, I would also like to add that Sens. Dover, Erdman, Lippincott, and Armendariz qualify for extra trophies for the incredibly rude and unprofessional manner in which they verbally attack and demean testifiers with whom they disagree, using “questions” to lob accusations in ad-hominem attacks. (I want to find someone to introduce a new rule whereby legislators receive mandatory training in decorum, diplomacy, and how to show respect to testifiers with whom they disagree.)

Oh, and I almost forgot–Linehan admitted out loud that her LB1402 is specifically designed to circumvent the will of the voters with respect to LB753, which is on the ballot for repeal in November. She’s not even trying to disguise that she (and her cronies) will do anything it takes to have their way, voters be damned.

Did we forget anyone else? Let us know at and we might publish your rant as well.