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Crete Public Schools has silently passed a drug screen policy for middle schoolers

Today we received a message from a concerned parent in Crete to see if we could help spread the word about what’s going on with Crete Public Schools and invite people to their school board meeting Monday at 6:00pm. Crete Public Schools has silently passed and implemented a drug screen policy for MIDDLE SCHOOLERS and […]

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Little Shits Wave Trump Flag at Pius X

This was originally a Facebook post made by Seeing Red Nebraska on September 11, 2021

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Allegations of Sexual Assault, Harassment, Racism, and Retaliation at Lincoln Police Department

Two sources have informed Seeing Red Nebraska that a number of women employed by the Lincoln Police Department are targets of retaliatory investigations by LPD leadership after the women reported incidents of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and racism by LPD officers. The retaliation spans the tenure of three different Lincoln police chiefs: Jeffrey Bliemeister, Acting […]

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88 Tactical, Militarized Police, and a Looming Coup in Brazil

Brazil is currently on high alert amid signs its fascist leader is planning a “self coup” to despotically seize and retain power. Bolsonaro loyalists have had years of training from Omaha’s 88 Tactical and US law enforcement.

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This Nebraska Sheriff Cared More about His Territory than Solving a Violent Crime

Dawes County Sheriff Karl Dailey, who has occupied that post for 35 years, has built himself a fiefdom that he considered more important that the apprehension of a sadistic rapist.

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‘Contradictory focus of’ Remarks from Pius X Administration

On Wednesday, a Pius X student published an opinion article in the school newspaper* titled “Contradictory focus of Black Lives Matter.” The overtly racist column caused a stir, with statements such as, “The Black Lives Matter movement, to fulfill their stated mission, would do more for their cause by focusing on countering Planned Parenthood propaganda […]

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Why are all the NEGOP staffers white supremacists?

Thanks for joining us for another episode of “How many Nazis does it take for the NEGOP to admit to their Nazi problem?”. Just months after James Scurlock was murdered by white supremacist Jake Gardner and with Omaha’s Black community still reeling from the loss, another Black man, Kenny Jones, was needlessly and brutally murdered […]

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SRN Boos the News: No, Ricketts did not really “denounce white supremacist groups”

At his press conference on September 30, Governor Pete Ricketts made a statement that should have made local headlines. An AP reporter asked him two questions about white supremacist groups on the heels of President Trump’s comment that the Proud Boys should “stand back and stand by.” I don’t know about you, but if I […]

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Stories of Police Violence in Omaha 7.25.20 Part 7: Anonymous

I arrived at the protest around 8pm central. we started at the corner by modern love and marched peacefully through the old market. cops were around telling us it was an unlawful assembly but keeping a distance and managing traffic as they should. we had nearly made it back to midtown where we were set […]

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Stories of Police Violence in Omaha 7.25.20 Part 6: Anonymous

I wasn’t planning on sharing this publicly but maybe this will help some people realize what is going on throughout the United States, and right here in our hometown. After being cuffed with zipties for hours on a bridge and finally being taken to the jail parking lot, I had to pee after staying hydrated […]