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Local hate group Protect Nebraska Children is continuing their attack on public schools

This article comes with a time-sensitive call to action – please read!

We have talked about Sue Greenwald, founder of local hate group Protect Nebraska Children many times before. Sue and her group are continually spouting off hateful rhetoric about queer kids, drag queens, migrants, liberals, teachers, anyone who isn’t white or Christian, and, mostly, public schools. Sue Greenwald and her hate group are actively trying to take over the State Board of Education and have been successful at getting three of their extremists – Kirk PennerElizabeth Tegtmeier, and Sherry Jones – on the board with the help of internationally known hate group Family Watch International. They are now trying to install four more extremists: Liz Davids, Linda Vermooten, Lisa Schonhoff, and Stacy Matula.

But today what we want to talk about is LB1347, which is scheduled to be debated tomorrow. This bill brought by Senator Walz is called the “Adopt Community Schools Act” and it will do many wonderful things such as implement before and after school programs as well as summer programs, provide job training and internships, and implement active family and community engagement strategies, all things that will help families in Nebraska. These programs would be implemented in schools in which 40% of students qualify for free or reduced-price lunch. We don’t have to tell you that typically the parents in those families are working more than one job trying to make ends meet, so before and after school programs would be a real lifesaver. This all sounds great, right? Let’s see what Sue Greenwald has to say about it.

It’s so unhinged, we don’t even know what to say about it. Reminder, this is the person who is trying to take over the Nebraska Board of Education by installing her extremist lackeys. Take a look again at the first photo in this article and warn your community about these extremists. Then click here to read and submit comments on Walz’s bill by 8:00am tomorrow morning (Tuesday February 14).

Liz Davids having a normal one at an SBOE meeting

Also being heard tomorrow: Lippincott’s bill LB1064 to eliminate tenure (this bill was brought specifically because he is mad at Seeing Red Nebraska)

Murman’s bill LB1330 to eliminate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in schools

And a good one from Senator McKinney LB841 which “aims to foster a more profound understanding and connection between individuals in school district leadership positions and the schools and educational processes under their purview”

These are just a few of the bills being heard tomorrow. We will send out another article shortly with links to all the bills on the schedule for tomorrow.