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The people making Nebraska unlivable are getting together to try to figure out why nobody wants to live here

We hear that the latest multimillionaire governor of Nebraska, Jim Pillen, has formed a commission to solve the mystery of why workers are not flocking to our state. In a press conference on Saturday, the governor stated that “our unemployment rate remains among the lowest in the nation, creating a unique challenge for attracting great […]

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A Better Life is Possible

If you’re feeling anything like us at SRN right now, you’re asking yourself what is fucking point of trying to do anything when the world seems determined to go down in flaming shit in every direction at once, and nothing you do seems to make a damn bit of difference. (Obviously, if you’re like us, […]

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“Lazy” Workers Are Not the Problem

There is a new fight brewing between the owner and worker classes – and the owners aren’t winning. Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen article after article from local media in which restaurant and other business owners are boo-hooing because nobody wants to work for them. According to these business owners, the […]