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Meet some of the Moms for Liberty endorsed candidates on your ballot

One of them, Stacy Matula, will be at the Culxr House tonight for a candidate event

**the original version of this article said the Nebraska Dems are “hosting” this candidate event tonight. We have updated it to say the Nebraska Dems are “promoting” this candidate event tonight. Also, nowhere did we say it was a bad thing that Stacy Matula was invited. We are glad she was. It’s good that she will be there answering questions. This article is about the Moms for Liberty candidates running for office and how we were reminded to write about them.

This morning on Twitter I noticed a tweet by the Nebraska Democratic Party promoting a “unique” candidate forum at the Culxr House in Omaha. It was notable because this event includes Preston Love Jr, Tony Vargas, Ernie Chambers, Terrell McKinney, Calandra Cooper, Ashlei Spivey, Tim Pendrell, Dunixi Guereca, LeDonna White Griffin, Liz Renner, and … Stacy Matula, the Moms for Liberty endorsed candidate for the State Board of Education. As you will recall, M4L attempted to have a candidate event at DJs Dugout a couple weeks ago, but DJs rightfully decided they did not want to play host to a group of white supremacists and cancelled the event, which was moved to the Starlight Chateau (the same venue Don Bacon held his event with insurrectionist Brandon Straka back in 2020).

Although it doesn’t look like much of anyone showed up at the M4L event at the Starlight Chateau, that did not stop the Moms for Liberty endorsed candidates from having a photo opp after they all signed the M4L pledge. For your reference, these are the Moms for Liberty endorsed candidates who were at that event. From the looks of this photo, we imagine the NEGOP will be demanding a chromosome check on most of these “moms”.

1 Joshua Voodg – Bellevue BOE

2 John Glenn Weaver – Senate (Ricketts)

3 Dickee Jost – Bellevue BOE

4 Felix Ungerman – LD3

5 Kenneth Anderson – DC Commissioner D5

6 Michael Connely – Congress (Flood)

7 Dan Frei – Congress (Bacon)

8 Sara Fochs – M4L Douglas Chair

9 Adam Gotschall – MCC

10 Amy Gray-Trumm – M4L Vice Chair

11 Spencer Lombardo – Gretna BOE

12 Stacy Matula – SBOE4

13 Bob Andersen – LD49

14 Brett Elliott – Elkhorn BOE

15 Edward Weniger – Papillion BOE

16 Chris Hargis Jr. – Platteview Springfield BOE

We wonder if Stacy Matula will actually show up at the Culxr House tonight, and we hope that if she does, she will be asked about her affiliation with not only Moms for Liberty, but also local hate group Protect Nebraska Children.

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