Are the FIJI Property Values Typical?

It was noticed that the FIJI house, repeatedly in the news over the support of rape culture and at least one accusation of sexual assault, isn’t seeing their property taxes increase. Is this normal for greek housing generally? Or perhaps the zoning type? Why is at least one fraternity, three additional that were researched for […]

The Pod

E55: We’re back! And so is Covid.

After a summer off, Melody, Stephanie, and April get back on the mic and record. Welcome back Nebraska! Support the pod for just $5/month at Support SeeingRedNE and independent bookstores by purchasing books with our link. You can find all the books we’ve recommended on the pod! Local Health Departments List of Nebraska’s […]


A Serial Environmental Violator is in Charge of Cleaning Up Mead

Multiple recent environmental disasters in Nebraska make it clear that without stronger environmental supervision and enforcement our state will continue to be a toilet for greedy businesses.