COVID-19 daily pressers Fuck Pete Ricketts

Ricketts Recap 5/26/20

It appears this week will be the last week Ricketts will be doing press conferences, and we think we know why. It is obvious that Ricketts is having a very hard time pretending to give a shit about Nebraskans anymore, and he is becoming increasingly angry and flustered at being questioned about his horrible decisions […]

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How Parasitic Capitalism Is Making the Elkhorn Nursing Home Outbreak Worse

Life Care of Elkhorn is owned by a multi-billionaire who has made a criminal fortune off of providing “care” that has often been fraudulent or horrifically negligent to elderly people of limited means. Now the outbreak is likely causing calamitous staffing shortages at a time when extra care is needed and few outsiders can observe conditions in the facility.

COVID-19 daily pressers Fuck Pete Ricketts The Patriarchy

Ricketts Presser Recap – 5/15/20

Sorry we are a little late on this one, but as we were going back over our notes from last Friday’s presser for a separate article, we realized a recap from last Friday was needed because it was … a lot. Off we go. As always, Ricketts started off with a plea to sign up […]

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Can We Get a Wellness Check on Ben Sasse?

U.S. Senator Ben Sasse delivered the online commencement address to students graduating from his alma mater, Fremont High School, on Saturday, May 16. Students may have anticipated that the self-styled Never-Trump sage of the Senate would offer some inspirational remarks, or, failing that, some boring pablum. Instead, we all got to watch what happens when […]

COVID-19 daily pressers Fuck Pete Ricketts

Ricketts Press Conference: Recap 5/13

The Governor started today by explaining why it’s totally expected that we would have a delay in getting any test results from TestNebraska to our public health departments: Now for the Q&A: The rules for bars still apply. Unless you have a food license it’s takeout only. This includes the strip club in Omaha. Why […]

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Pandemic Tech Bros are the New Wartime Swindlers

Yesterday’s textile bros are today’s tech bros, passing off shoddy testing instead of shoddy uniforms, easily finding willing dupes in incompetent governors’ offices.

actual science COVID-19 daily pressers

Ricketts Press Conference 5.12.20 Recap

I have been watching Ricketts’s press conferences almost every day and taking notes, mostly in an attempt to keep track of his many lies and many changes in his story from day to day. I am wildly disappointed in the local coverage and softball questions, so I am going to try to do quick recaps […]

actual science COVID-19 Nebraska Politics

Is Lincoln more afraid of Ricketts than an overflowing morgue?

Today, Lincoln’s Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird announced that as of May 11, the city’s directed health measures will be in line with the state’s. That means restaurants will be allowed to re-open their dining rooms (at half capacity), and other services involving close, extended physical contact (ideal conditions for viral spread) will be allowed to […]

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Ricketts Hates State Workers

Have you ever wondered why someone who hates “big government” decides they would like to run it? They have absolutely no incentive to make government work for the average person, and in fact, they purposely defund and create red tape in order to create inefficiencies and burdens so that they can prove to their constituents […]

#fuckPeteRicketts actual science COVID-19

What You Need to Know about TestNebraska

You have probably heard about Test Nebraska, a new web site collecting personal health information in response to the coronavirus epidemic. A lot of disconcerting information is coming out about this web site and the companies behind it. Here are some facts you need to know. The Ricketts administration signed a $27 million no-bid contract […]