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Are Nebraska’s LGBT elders safe? On the huge elder care business founded by a Nebraska Family Alliance board member

The Nebraska Family Alliance (NFA) is a “pro-family” organization that has destroyed LGBT families across Nebraska. This presents a major problem for these Nebraskans as they age. In the year 2000 the Nebraska Family Alliance spearheaded a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in Nebraska. In the same year, NFA lawyers fought a court battle against […]

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How to Bleed a State University System Dry in One Easy Step

Step 1: Pay the new president more per month than employees make in a year Can you imagine making $50,000 a month after taxes? Every month? Money that comes from taxpayers and college kids? We at the Seeing Red Editorial Board cannot imagine making net $50,000 a month from taxpayers and college students. We would […]

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The Ricketts Family is Bleeding Nebraska Dry

When even Tucker Carlson is complaining about a billionaire, you know we have reached peak capitalism. As Tucker Carlson (just typing that name makes me want to puke) rightfully pointed out, billionaire Paul Singer, before he bought Cabela’s and decimated the town of Sidney, gave Joe Ricketts’s “Ending Spending” (LOL) superPAC 3.7 million dollars between […]