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SRN Boos the News: No, Ricketts did not really “denounce white supremacist groups”

At his press conference on September 30, Governor Pete Ricketts made a statement that should have made local headlines. An AP reporter asked him two questions about white supremacist groups on the heels of President Trump’s comment that the Proud Boys should “stand back and stand by.” I don’t know about you, but if I […]

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The Parable of the Innocent White Shooter

Something quite extraordinary happened in Omaha, Nebraska yesterday in the ongoing fiasco surrounding the murder of James Scurlock on May 30. The Douglas County Attorney, Donald W. Kleine, undermined the special prosecutor who was called in to independently investigate the case that Kleine himself bungled. To review what happened up to this point: On May […]

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Put Black Voices Before Cop Voices

On this edition of Seeing Red boos the news, the Lincoln Journal Star once again needs to do better, and so do supposed BLM local allies. Don’t bother reading this article, the main story here is a predominantly white, milquetoast “activist” group and a couple of neighborhood orgs decided to organize an event to lick […]

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LOL Ricketts’s minions edit some audio and pretend to be “Anonymous”

The total disregard for what black leaders said happened in that meeting, based on laughable “evidence,” is part and parcel of why we have riots in this country right now. The worst white man is taken more seriously than the best black people, and local media is here for it.

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SRN Boos the News: This Gloss is full of Whitewash

Another day, another local news whitewashing from the local media. Let’s back up a bit. Omaha pastor Jarrod Parker and other black leaders in Omaha met with Governor Ricketts, Mayor Jean Stothert from Omaha, and the Omaha police chief about the death of James Scurlock at the hands of a known white supremacist, and the […]

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SRN Boos the News: Local Media and White Euphemisms

We expected our new SRN Boos the News feature to be irregular, but here we are a couple days later with yet another instance of local news suckage. Facts: A Minneapolis police officer put his body weight on the neck of an unarmed, compliant, handcuffed black man who was lying on the ground. The officer […]

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Welcome to Seeing Red Nebraska Boos the News

We started Seeing Red Nebraska because of the deficiencies in news coverage in this state. To be clear: we believe that communities need to support local media and subscribe to their local newspapers. We also believe that the state has a couple (but probably not many more than that) solid journalists who do good work. […]