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#FuckYouFriday: Nonsense From Nonsense People

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This week a former congressional candidate from Lauderdale, Mississippi traveled from Mississippi to Iowa to vandalize a display in the Iowa State Capitol. This former congressional candidate believes the government is a place to “honor Jesus Christ as King” and took offense at another religion being represented at the state Capitol building alongside the Christian nativity, so he traveled over 800 miles to destroy the display he found offensive. All the press we have seen about it lays it out like it’s a major political debate. It’s not. The press can choose to be the adult in its coverage. Say that a congressional candidate drove a long distance to vandalize a religious display.

The press is framing it as a guy standing up for his own religion, but that’s not what happened. It’s what one person believed and it’s the kind of thing we should ban guns over. If you cannot tell right from wrong and your religion is telling you to drive long distances to save the world from Satan by vandalizing state capitol displays, we are concerned about your access to guns and the safety of your children. The man in crisis is being heralded as a hero by an organization that encourages college students to wear diapers and who participated in the January 6 insurrection. These people are totally ridiculous, and we are baffled that this is all presented to us as serious people doing serious things that we should thoughtfully consider.

This stunt hit us in all the wrong places. It’s like the war on Christmas bullshit as we’re all seeing with our own eyes that Christmas dominates all shopping places, workplaces, the federal government holiday schedule, etc etc. And yet it got framed in the press as a serious position that people were arguing about instead of what it was: nonsense from nonsense people.

It is especially ridiculous in light of the fact that Fartypants cried to the press, the police, and anyone else who would listen that someone put a paper sign in his yard. Deb Fischer tried to put a constituent in jail for leaving her a note. This unhinged former congressional candidate went through multiple states with intent to commit a criminal act in the Iowa state Capitol building and the people who think signs are a crime are calling him a hero.

These are the same people pushing to kill everyone over property damage. They actually want people to kill people stealing cars and shoplifting. They are killing children knocking on doors. San Francisco, the gayest city in the country, decided to allow Walgreens security to kill a person that they thought was shoplifting. A 21-year-old was fatally shot for shoplifting Pokemon cards. And this kind of thing happens all the time in this country.

This all makes our eyes twitch, and we are tired of living in a religious hellscape nightmare.