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#FuckYouFriday: Moms for Liberty Edition

Moms for Liberty has gone mask off with their white supremacy – here are the local M4L members

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On November 26th the Moms for Liberty Uncensored Telegram channel shared a flyer for a “White Christmas” by the National Justice Party for “White families in need”. The flyer states the NJP is doing this toy drive “in the interest of racial justice and pro-White advocacy” because “White families are often turned away” by charities. This is obvious bullshit. Why would the NJP make these obvious bullshit claims? Well, because the National Justice Party is the Nazi organization started by the remnants of the organizers for Unite the Right – the Traditional Workers Party (Nazis), the National Socialist Movement (Nazis), and The Right Stuff blog/podcast network (you guessed it – also Nazis).

Earlier this year, the NJP dropped a banner in Omaha that was quickly spotted, removed, and lit on fucking fire by Omaha residents who are not Nazis. Let’s take a look at the Nebraskans running for office or holding office who are connected to Moms for Liberty.

First we’ve got Moms for Liberty Douglas County chapter chair Sara Fochs being promoted in local hate group Protect Nebraska Children.

Omaha City Council member Aimee Melton sent Sara Fochs money with a comment “Thanks for keeping me dry today!” on August 27, 2022. That was the same day as the rained out “Freedom Fest” hosted by Nebraska Freedom Coalition featuring confessed pedophile and Jan 6 snitch Ali Alexander. Not one single journalist has ever asked Aimee Melton about her connection to this white supremacist hate group. Well, both of them – NFC and Moms for Liberty.

Terri Cunningham Swanson, who is in the process of being recalled from the Plattsmouth school board for her attempts to ban dozens of books about queer and racial issues, is “seriously considering joining” white supremacist hate group Moms for Liberty. Terri also doxxed the woman who filed the recall petition.

Of course anti-trans fascist Senator Kathleen Kauth is a member of Moms for Liberty. Brittany Holtmeyer, who recently resigned from the Papillion LaVista school board after public pressure, is also a member and is in this photo next to Kauth.

And speaking of the Papillion LaVista school board, Ed Weniger, who is running for the PLCS school board after being banned from PLCS school board meetings for bringing a gun to a meeting in 2021, has signed the Moms for Liberty pledge.

Lisa Schonhoff and Linda Vermooten, who are both running for the State Board of Education, have both signed the Moms for Liberty pledge.

Tracee Baker, the communications director for the Douglas County Moms for Liberty chapter, is running for school board in Bennington.

Do you recognize anyone in this photo posted in local hate group Protect Nebraska Children? All Moms for Liberty members! One of them is holding their book upside down lol

Are there Moms for Liberty candidates or elected officials in your community that we missed? Let us know!