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It’s time to end natural hair discrimination at work

Summertime was the time I felt most uncomfortable about my hair, because when I switched to the predominantly white school district of Bellevue Public Schools, it was the first time I was going to almost exclusively majority white neighborhood pools. It’s where I have one of my earliest memories of playing the PoC game – […]

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John Keuhn and Another Nazi Connection

The Legislature is expected to soon debate and vote on John Keuhn for an appointment on the Nebraska Board of Health. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and see why Keuhn is another attempt by the governor to block healthcare access to Nebraskans.  Pete Ricketts has been blocking healthcare for Nebraskans as a #1 […]

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Misogyny week in the legislature

It’s misogyny week in Nebraska the legislature. The misogynists will be in the form of both men and women and they are here to ensure that women know their proper place; allowing their bodies to be politicized by politicians and those holding guns like David from DEG. On Thursday, the Judiciary committee will kick off […]

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Investigating Four Rapes Out of 353 is Not An Accomplishment to be Lauded

Yesterday the Lincoln Journal Star published an article stating that the LPD is finally getting around to testing just a few of the almost 400 untested rape kits in their backlog going back to 2004. This backlog update is super interesting to me considering the Lincoln Police Department previously claimed to have NO backlog of […]

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No, Actually, It Is Not Ok To Be Racist Just Because That Cop Is

We all know one of the favorite rallying cries of a certain section of the US population is BUT HER EMAILS. They know they can’t possibly excuse the bad behavior by their own, so they engage in deflection: Hillary’s emails, Bill’s blowjob, Obama’s deportations, Biden’s … everything. As we found out this past Sunday in […]