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Sasse is a Prick

Last Wednesday, I decided that I’d had enough with Senator Ben Sasse’s bullshit mountain after his attempt to tack an amendment onto the Senate’s economic stabilization package that he claimed “would fix the bill’s perverse incentive to increase unemployment.” Nebraska’s intransigent troglodyte in residence attempted to argue on the Senate’s floor that the rescue package […]

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The Nebraska Coronavirus Fairy Tale

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Expand Medicaid Now. No More Excuses.

Ok, we are just going to make this one super quick. If you tuned in to the Governor’s Costco ad, I mean press conference, on Wednesday and managed to make it through the CEO of Costco’s talk (whyyyyyyyy) without turning it off, you may have noticed that someone finally asked the Governor about Medicaid expansion. […]

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Governor Ricketts “Asses” the State

This accurate screen shot was from about a year and ten days ago when Nebraska was in the midst of another crisis, the devastating floods of 2019. It popped up in my digital memories on March 14 and I have been trying to write this article ever since, but things have been …. wild. As […]

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State Senators Can’t Phone It In

The government of this state is asking all of us to do our parts to slow the spread of COVID-19. For many of us, this is a completely “new normal.” They are asking students to take their lessons remotely. They are asking public school teachers to migrate lessons to a remote environment and continue to […]

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The Time is Always Right to Do the Right Thing

Written by Seeing Red Guest Contributor George E. Wolf. George is a Professor Emeritus of the English Department at UNL, book review editor at Western American Literature, and a longtime Lincoln activist. This piece also appeared in the Lancaster Democratic Party March 2020 Newsletter. “The time is always right to do the right thing.” –Rev. Martin […]

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Dear Government – You Must Govern Better Than Ever Before

I am thanking my stars that I live in a state that is in partnership with the leading scientists on pandemics at UNMC. I’ve been seeing people like the head of Nebraska Education really step up and show they can handle the pressure and give leadership to the public in a confusing time. I am […]

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It’s time to end natural hair discrimination at work

Summertime was the time I felt most uncomfortable about my hair, because when I switched to the predominantly white school district of Bellevue Public Schools, it was the first time I was going to almost exclusively majority white neighborhood pools. It’s where I have one of my earliest memories of playing the PoC game – […]

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So Why Does Governor Needles Want His Favorite Veterinarian on the Board of Health?

Could former senator John Kuehn be the way Ricketts procured fentanyl for the state’s most recent execution?

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Wonder how the Kochs are going to monetize your kids?

By guest contributor Jennifer Juhl Jarrell I’m waving my hands in the air from Kansas, jumping up and down, and calling out, “This is everything!” Because it is. People of Nebraska, I am here to tell you that once vouchers slither into your state, they will consume your excellent public education system over time. You […]