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Royce Gracie, the Man Who Introduced the Bolsonaros to the NRA and Donald Trump, Jr.

This article is addressed to journalists and authorities who may be interested in further investigating the relationship between the Bolsonaro family and the American gun industry. First, it is important to note why the National Rifle Association (NRA) may not hesitate to meet with international far-right politicians: the NRA wants them to succeed. Countries led […]

The Pod

E74: Meet Eve Downing

Eve Downing (they/she) is a trans person in Omaha and the child of Jefferson and Diane Downing, who both serve as board members with Nebraska Family Alliance. Eve tells us what it’s like growing up with parents who are leading the charge at removing civil rights of trans people, including her. Eve is vibrant, surrounded […]

Housing and Community LPD misogyny

How LPD Gets Rid of Inconvenient Cops

What follows is an explanation of how the Lincoln Police Department ousts police officers who challenge the power structure within the department. We look at the consequences of a pair of firings to one case in particular, a misdemeanor charge against an Assistant City Attorney, which is scheduled for a hearing on Friday, March 11. […]

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The final days of a local trans activist

Milo Winslow, a local trans man and activist, died by his own hand yesterday. His final social media posts show a man tortured by the local political war ramping up regarding his right to exist in our city of Lincoln. Milo had begun hormone therapy over the past year, and his earlier TikTok posts highlighted […]

LGBTQA+ Lincoln City Council

The point of the Nebraska Family Alliance is to destroy families

The Nebraska Family Alliance (NFA) has taken the first step to re-legalizing discrimination against LGBT people in Lincoln. They plan to overturn Ordinance 22-31, also known as the Fairness Ordinance, by putting it on the ballot during a low-turnout election. If the NFA is successful, a Lincoln restaurant could legally hang a “no gays” sign […]