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Fuck You Friday: A whole list

Hello and welcome to Fuck You Friday! It was a terrible week for Nebraskans, so we’ve got a whole-ass list this week. Let’s go: Our first and heartiest Fuck You goes out to the two cops in Columbus, Nebraska who murdered a 17-year-old child who was holding a knife and threatening self-harm. One cop deployed a taser, […]

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More violence does not get us to peace

We know the Pittsburgh synagogue mass shooter went after Jewish people specifically, but we can’t help but see him alongside all the other mass shooters, many radicalized online, given easy access to guns, and easily identifiable beforehand as someone likely to be dangerous to others. It feels so hollow to us that justice means one […]

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Suzanne Geist’s Legislative Record Is Bad News for Lincoln

A picture emerges of a candidate who is not guided by public welfare or sound judgment, but by the highly partisan interests of wealthy donors–including weakening local democracy when the governor’s interests have conflicted with Lincoln’s.

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How the US Firearm Industry is Wrecking Democracy in Brazil

Under President Jair Bolsonaro’s administration, Brazil became a gold mine for the international gun industry. The country’s 2003 Disarmament Statute was dismantled by several decrees signed by Bolsonaro and actions taken by his allies in the Congress and Senate. Their goal was to facilitate civilian access to firearms. One consequence is that the sale of […]

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The Day the NRA Visited Jair Bolsonaro

Johnny Morris, the owner of one of the largest retailers of firearms in the US (Bass Pro Shops), is also one of the most powerful members and supporters of the NRA – National Rifle Association. He donated the space and funded the construction of the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum inside his Bass Pro Shops […]

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The Upcoming Swap Between Omaha Police and the Definitely Not Nazi Gun Range

On Tuesday, July 19, the Omaha City Council will vote to approve a lengthy consent agenda–that is, a long list of what are meant to be routine, noncontroversial business matters that are grouped together as a single item to streamline meetings. Among the items, #75, is a trade in militarized police gear between the city’s […]

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Political Leafleting: Eduardo Bolsonaro Wasn’t Worried about his Father’s Stabbing

Excessive vanity can be problematic. People leave traces on social media because they can’t help themselves. They are addicted to exposure, they cannot see themselves a single day without sharing on social media whatever they are doing. They tell their whereabouts, what they were doing, who they were connected to and when any event in their lives […]

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Royce Gracie, the Man Who Introduced the Bolsonaros to the NRA and Donald Trump, Jr.

This article is addressed to journalists and authorities who may be interested in further investigating the relationship between the Bolsonaro family and the American gun industry. First, it is important to note why the National Rifle Association (NRA) may not hesitate to meet with international far-right politicians: the NRA wants them to succeed. Countries led […]


Gun at Lincoln Public Schools Part 2

On February 4th, 2022, a man brought a gun into Lincoln Public Schools. I wrote about this the next day and included a police report showing that the man was not charged, and the gun was not confiscated and destroyed as state law seems to require. Since then, I have been in communication with Joe […]

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A Man Brought a Gun to Lincoln Public Schools

Why was a man allowed to bring a gun into a school meeting in Lincoln without being charged with breaking the law? Why was he offered the chance to store the weapon in his car and then allowed back in the meeting? The law is very clear when it comes to guns and schools in […]