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Liz Davids is gaslighting teachers with free ice cream

Liz Davids is trying really hard to make you believe she doesn’t actually hate teachers, kids, and public schools

By now you are surely familiar with extremist Liz Davids, who recently has been quietly distancing herself from her unhinged pals in an attempt to get Lancaster County voters to elect her to the State Board of Ed. Her latest scheme was collecting the email addresses of teachers and emailing them an offer of free ice cream in “appreciation” of their work. Why don’t we take a look at what Liz *really* thinks of teachers?

Liz Davids is affiliated with extremist groups Protect Nebraska Children (which has even gotten the attention of the SPLC) and Moms for Liberty (you can find an incomplete list of Nebraska Moms for Liberty candidates here), and has been pushing conspiracy theories about teachers, schools, and students for years.

Don’t let Liz buy your vote with ice cream. Vote for Kristin Christensen instead.

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