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Fuck You Friday: A whole list

Hello and welcome to Fuck You Friday! It was a terrible week for Nebraskans, so we’ve got a whole-ass list this week. Let’s go:

Our first and heartiest Fuck You goes out to the two cops in Columbus, Nebraska who murdered a 17-year-old child who was holding a knife and threatening self-harm. One cop deployed a taser, the other cop shot him. This murder is now national news.

Our next Fuck You goes out to Omaha cops Capt. Jay Leavitt and Officer Robert Soldo who were off duty and working “security” while wearing their uniforms at a nightclub when they murdered two men by wildly shooting 21 shots near a crowd of people. Although 21 shots were fired, they only hit the men three times each. One cop was not wearing a body camera, the other cop did not turn his body camera on until after they had killed the two men, who were sitting in their vehicle at the time. It has already been determined that they will not face charges. This incident also made national news.

As long as we’re talking about national news, all the worst of the worst made it in this AP article for their attempts to intertwine religion with education and undermine public education in Nebraska. We see you MurmanErdmanLippincott, and Kauth.

Next up is Senator Brian Hardin, who, while testifying on his racist Stand Your Ground bill blamed Trayvon Martin for his own murder. Let’s be clear: Trayvon Martin was another 17-year-old child murdered not by the police, but by some random racist asshole.

Our next Fuck You goes out to fascist Senator Ben Hansen who has introduced LB1381 to prevent Nebraska from applying for waiver during economic downturns and implement unworkable new requirements for SNAP recipients. This bill will be heard next Wednesday February 14. Nothing says “love” like starving children. Read the bill and get your comment in by 8:00am on Wednesday February 14 here.

Although we already shouted him out yesterday, we also want to wish a very Fuck You Friday to Senator Loren Lippincott who wants to abolish tenure because he doesn’t like what we have to say. Comments are due by next Tuesday at 8:00am on that bill. You can view that bill and comment on it here.

Who did we miss?