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Proud Boys? Never Heard of ‘Em

Last weekend the Omaha Police Department threw themselves a party because they were sad about the Black Lives Matter movement calling out racist police violence. In addition to the 500 or so average Joe Racists who showed up (nowhere near the 2000 reported by organizers of the event), the Nebraska Proud Boys also showed up […]

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Sen. Slama’s Nazi Problem

For a while now the Nebraska GOP has had a Nazi problem, and a new chapter was added last week at the legislature. Senator Julie Slama was appointed by Governor Ricketts to her seat in the Legislature, but prior to that she served alongside confirmed white supremacist Bennett Bressman on Ricketts’s 2018 reelection campaign. You […]

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How to Bleed a State University System Dry in One Easy Step

Step 1: Pay the new president more per month than employees make in a year Can you imagine making $50,000 a month after taxes? Every month? Money that comes from taxpayers and college kids? We at the Seeing Red Editorial Board cannot imagine making net $50,000 a month from taxpayers and college students. We would […]

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Fuck You Friday: Separation of Church and State Edition

In today’s edition of Fuck You Friday, we will be raising two hearty middle fingers to Peter Ricketts, Matt Schulte, and the stupid “Serving Hands” sculptures that are being auctioned off today to further enrich a Christian organization with the help of the Governor and other elected officials. Peter Ricketts himself has placed one of […]