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State Board of Education Candidate Liz Davids is Trying to Fool You

You would never guess Liz Davids is a far right extremist backed by all the local hate groups by looking at her website

A few days ago I noticed that my neighbor removed the Liz Davids sign from the fascist lineup in his yard alongside Flood and Trump. Then we noticed that Liz Davids was conspicuously NOT at the Moms for Liberty candidate event in Omaha Tuesday night with the other three extremist candidates for State Board of Ed. Some will take this to mean that Liz has decided she no longer wants to be a hateful book banning fascist. Those of us who know better know it means Liz Davids has realized that her toxic priorities of book banning, policing children’s genitals, and destroying public schools is not going to get her elected to the State Board of Ed by the voters in District 1, so she is attempting to pass herself off as a normal person.

Liz Davids’s website conveniently makes no mention of her affiliation with Protect Nebraska ChildrenNebraskans for Founders Values, and Moms for Liberty. She has been throwing potlucks in the park where she likely doesn’t mention that she has been going to State Board of Ed meetings with a handful of vegetables to accuse public school teachers of being groomers or that she was one of the people promoting conspiracy theory propaganda film the Mind Polluters. We are certain that when she is out door knocking she doesn’t mention that she is pals with Allie French, Kathleen Kauth, Kirk Penner, and Stephanie Deeds Johnson, one of the leaders of Hitler-quoting hate group Nebraskans for Founders Values. And she definitely doesn’t mention that the person running the “Students for Liz Davids” social media encourages shooting people they don’t agree with. We could go on and on, but we will just let Liz speak for herself.

The good news is, an actual normal person, public school teacher Kristin Christensen, is running against Liz. You can learn more about Kristin here.

Don’t let Liz fool you. It is absolutely vital that we elect normal people to the State Board of Education. There are already three extremists on the Board – Kirk Penner, Elizabeth Tegtmeier, and Sherry Jones. If Liz Davids, Stacy Matula, Linda Vermooten, and Lisa Schonhoff are also elected, Nebraska’s children are in terrible danger. Typically SRN does not endorse candidates, but this Board of Ed race is absolutely vital for the future of Nebraska Public Schools and Nebraska’s kids, so we are making an exception this year. Vote for these candidates instead:

Kristin Christensen

Liz Renner

Maggie Douglas

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