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How Parasitic Capitalism Is Making the Elkhorn Nursing Home Outbreak Worse

Life Care of Elkhorn is owned by a multi-billionaire who has made a criminal fortune off of providing “care” that has often been fraudulent or horrifically negligent to elderly people of limited means. Now the outbreak is likely causing calamitous staffing shortages at a time when extra care is needed and few outsiders can observe conditions in the facility.

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The Ricketts Strategy: Why make the rich prevent death now when you can just bleed the public for it later?

As the corona virus is spreading exponentially through Nebraska, one hot spot popping up after another, the rest of America is wondering why our governor is lifting our light social distancing restrictions instead of strengthening them. The answer is that he does not want his loyal corporate class to feel any pain when he can […]

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Killing Nebraskans for a Profit

In his daily briefing last Friday, Ricketts joined Scott Frakes in assuring the public that our overcrowded prisons are, despite the recent positive coronavirus test of a corrections employee at NSP, safe spaces for the incarcerated members of our community.  According to Frakes, the inmates receive health care that is “better than what many Nebraskans […]

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Expand Medicaid Now. No More Excuses.

Ok, we are just going to make this one super quick. If you tuned in to the Governor’s Costco ad, I mean press conference, on Wednesday and managed to make it through the CEO of Costco’s talk (whyyyyyyyy) without turning it off, you may have noticed that someone finally asked the Governor about Medicaid expansion. […]