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It Is Not Safe to Open Lincoln Schools

Public schools are one of this country’s biggest assets. Lincoln Public Schools (LPS) in particular is known to be a forward-thinking school district. I often tout our ability to remain “one” district, despite having over 40,000 students from a variety of backgrounds. This has allowed for an equitable education for all students, whether your zip […]

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COVID Update, July 7

Governor Pete Ricketts reduced his daily press conferences to once a week, then decided yesterday to simply cancel with no prior notice or explanation. So we at Seeing Red Nebraska will update you instead. For starters, COVID cases in areas of Nebraska look like they are starting to surge, and this is particularly alarming because […]

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Utah Tech Bros Behind TestNebraska Are Probably Failing to Catch Most COVID Cases

We have already covered the absurdity of Pete Ricketts awarding a 27-million-dollar no-bid contract to a couple of highly suspect Utah tech bros wanting to play doctor in our state. We have also mentioned that results in states where these bros are running the testing programs are coming back with far lower positive rates than […]

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Welcome to Seeing Red Nebraska Boos the News

We started Seeing Red Nebraska because of the deficiencies in news coverage in this state. To be clear: we believe that communities need to support local media and subscribe to their local newspapers. We also believe that the state has a couple (but probably not many more than that) solid journalists who do good work. […]

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Pandemic Tech Bros are the New Wartime Swindlers

Yesterday’s textile bros are today’s tech bros, passing off shoddy testing instead of shoddy uniforms, easily finding willing dupes in incompetent governors’ offices.

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Ricketts Press Conference 5.12.20 Recap

I have been watching Ricketts’s press conferences almost every day and taking notes, mostly in an attempt to keep track of his many lies and many changes in his story from day to day. I am wildly disappointed in the local coverage and softball questions, so I am going to try to do quick recaps […]

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Is Lincoln more afraid of Ricketts than an overflowing morgue?

Today, Lincoln’s Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird announced that as of May 11, the city’s directed health measures will be in line with the state’s. That means restaurants will be allowed to re-open their dining rooms (at half capacity), and other services involving close, extended physical contact (ideal conditions for viral spread) will be allowed to […]

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What You Need to Know about TestNebraska

You have probably heard about Test Nebraska, a new web site collecting personal health information in response to the coronavirus epidemic. A lot of disconcerting information is coming out about this web site and the companies behind it. Here are some facts you need to know. The Ricketts administration signed a $27 million no-bid contract […]

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We are meat.

This week about 50 workers at the Smithfield pork plant in Crete left their places on the lines and walked out in protest after it was announced that the plant, which had previously announced it would close to protect the health of its workers, would stay open after all, with no real concessions made to […]

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Peter’s Plague: A Story on Racist Scapegoating

We, here at Seeing Red are committed to continuing to watch Ricketts’ daily racially coded press conference so that you don’t have to. You’re welcome. It is absolutely detrimental to every viewer’s mental health, but we will gladly shoulder that burden so you don’t have to. Today he made it 32 full minutes before turning […]