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Fuck You Friday: A whole list

Hello and welcome to Fuck You Friday! It was a terrible week for Nebraskans, so we’ve got a whole-ass list this week. Let’s go: Our first and heartiest Fuck You goes out to the two cops in Columbus, Nebraska who murdered a 17-year-old child who was holding a knife and threatening self-harm. One cop deployed a taser, […]

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OPOA President Tony Conner Is Due in Court This Morning

Tony Conner has been ordered to court at 10:00am today because he is $10K behind in child support and alimony payments

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Lancaster County Chief Deputy Ben Houchin is Breaking the Law Again

This time he is appearing in uniform in campaign ads for sex-obsessed extremist Liz Davids

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We Still Don’t Know the Name of the Seward County Deputy Who Killed an Innocent Man on October 24

Editor’s note: Be sure to read the first article about this incident that we published on our substack on October 27. Please also consider becoming a paid subscriber to our substack at $5 per month. We are all unpaid volunteers smashing fascism in our “spare time” so every one of those five dollars is needed […]

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#FuckYouFriday: Bad cop edition

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on the Seeing Red Nebraska substack on October 20, 2023. Please follow us on substack and consider becoming a paid subscriber at $5 per month. We are all unpaid volunteers shining the light on local bullshit in our “spare time”. Every $5 helps us with website fees, research […]

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Stop Cop City: In Atlanta, Nebraska & Everywhere

An overview of the campaign to build the country’s largest police training center by bulldozing the country’s largest urban forest; and why it must be fought against not only in Atlanta but here in Nebraska, and everywhere. By Illegible Distro  What is Cop City? The city of Atlanta, Georgia has more tree canopy than any […]

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Sheriff Terry Wagner and Medical Marijuana

Imagine this scenario: You’re an elected official working in the state of Nebraska. One day you’re walking along the street and a stranger comes up to you and stuffs $30,000 into your pocket, then walks away. Do you think this constitutes a “gift”? If it is, then you would need to report it not only […]

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Joe Ricketts hired a P.R. Firm to Make You Like His Son

Instead of issuing a mask mandate or vaccine requirement, Governor Pete Ricketts has decided to throw a pizza party for EMTs, nurses, doctors, firefighters, and … cops? Let’s pretend for a moment that doctors, nurses, and EMTs even have a day off to go fuck off at the park. Does Pete really believe our medical […]

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Shitshow of a Shootout

There was a shootout in Lincoln on Saturday. Not a “shooting,” but a literal shootout, during a car chase, and exactly zero of the “heroes” involved deserves an Oscar for their performance. It started simply enough. There was a mid-morning robbery at a hotel near the interstate in NW Lincoln. Police were called to the […]

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Stories of Police Violence in Omaha 7.25.20 Part 7: Anonymous

I arrived at the protest around 8pm central. we started at the corner by modern love and marched peacefully through the old market. cops were around telling us it was an unlawful assembly but keeping a distance and managing traffic as they should. we had nearly made it back to midtown where we were set […]