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Democratic Party Switches and Publicly Flogging the Low Hanging Fruit

There have been some stories (see here and here) recently about Democratic voters in Nebraska switching their party registration to vote in the Republican primary. While the mainstream media has reported some raw numbers on possible switches, they do a piss poor job of putting these numbers into context. Are basic statistics too much to […]

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Thank a Pharmacist, Nebraska

This week has been hell for any pharmacists who are distributing vaccines in Nebraska.  Why?  Because Pete Ricketts is a fucking asshole.  Pete decided that our vaccine rollout in Nebraska would focus on rural areas to the detriment of urban areas.  He also decided to fuck over people with pre-existing conditions.  So Pete had a […]

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Who audits the Nebraska State Auditor?

On Wednesday, Nebraska State Auditor Charlie Janssen released a 27-page report detailing an audit his office conducted of unemployment benefits (including extra pandemic relief) and cases of fraud in Nebraska from March 1st, 2020 to June 30 2020.  This is a preliminary report sent to the Nebraska Department of Labor as an “early communication of […]

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COVID-19 Hits Home

Twelve of my family members have had Covid-19 in the last 2 weeks, all out in western Nebraska, aged 3 to 89, North Platte and Stapleton to be exact. My grandma (89) is in the hospital in Grand Island, the virus is attacking her kidneys and heart. The rest are recovered or recovering at home […]

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We Don’t Really Know if COVID is Spreading in Lincoln Schools

Seeing Red Nebraska loves Nebraska’s public schools.  In particular, we love LPS.  Some of us work for them, some of us work with them, and many of us have school age children who attend LPS.  This does not mean they are beyond reproach or scrutiny.  Indeed, it is because we value them so dearly that […]

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Testimony to the Nebraska Capitol Commission on Rules Governing Free Speech on Capitol Grounds

Hello, My name is Patricia Wonch Hill and I want to thank the Capitol Commission in advance for hearing my public comments today. I am here today because I am looking for clarification and for an update from this commission to the use and rules of the public spaces on the capitol grounds. The Nebraska […]

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Anatomy of Boots on the Ground: Bailing Out BLM Protesters in Lincoln, NE

A few weeks ago, over 60 people were arrested for “Failure to Obey Order of the Mayor” and “Failure to Disperse” in Lincoln, Nebraska over the course of two nights of BLM protests (May 31st-June 2nd) . Charges differed by the night they were arrested, for no apparent reason, but fines were set at $1,000 […]

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Put Black Voices Before Cop Voices

On this edition of Seeing Red boos the news, the Lincoln Journal Star once again needs to do better, and so do supposed BLM local allies. Don’t bother reading this article, the main story here is a predominantly white, milquetoast “activist” group and a couple of neighborhood orgs decided to organize an event to lick […]

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The Nebraska Coronavirus Fairy Tale

Let me start out by saying in the clearest terms possible: WE ARE SEVERELY UNDERESTIMATING THE NUMBER OF CORONAVIRUS CASES IN NEBRASKA. Everyone knows this, especially our leaders. And yet they are choosing to base their policy decisions on a deeply flawed measure. A test we are severely restricting the use of to very specific […]

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Sen. Slama’s Nazi Problem

For a while now the Nebraska GOP has had a Nazi problem, and a new chapter was added last week at the legislature. Senator Julie Slama was appointed by Governor Ricketts to her seat in the Legislature, but prior to that she served alongside confirmed white supremacist Bennett Bressman on Ricketts’s 2018 reelection campaign. You […]