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KLIN Broadcasts Scurrilous Rape Accusation to Benefit Republican Incumbent Pat Condon

This is a breaking story. We will update it as new details emerge.

KLIN “Drive Time” host Jack Riggins, who recently tweeted lies about public schools teaching “fellatio… to school age children,” broadcast a scurrilous accusation of a sex crime on his show on November 4 in collaboration with the state Republican Party to influence voters.

On Nov. 2, operatives with the new and improved Nebraska Republican Party posted something that might seem alarming. Adam Morfeld, Democratic candidate for Lancaster County Attorney, has supposedly been accused of a sex crime and LPD is sitting on it to protect him, they said. However, LPD says no such claims are under investigation. Then on Nov. 4, KLIN’s Jack Riggins interviewed an alleged “victim” and broadcast her scurrilous accusation to the city four days before the election. Please read on.

At the end of this post are audio files to compare the voice of the woman Riggins interviewed with the voice of the woman who threatened retaliation against Morfeld after he cut off communication with her when she verbally abused his staff. We will be sending KLIN an invoice for our research and fact-checking services since they conveniently lacked both before airing a shameless hit job on behalf of Pat Condon.

Now, folks, let us remind you of some things. We don’t like LPD. We don’t particularly like Democrats. While we support Adam Morfeld in this race, we would be more than happy to slice off his balls with a rusty bread knife if he sexually assaulted someone. And we believe that women should be heard.

Heard, that is, until you realize that this accuser is a Notorious Local Psychopath (NLP) with a years-long track record of trying to shit on anyone who in her own demented mind has crossed her in some way—real or imagined.

One of NLP’s recent targets is a middle school age girl who lives in her apartment building. She claims the middle schooler has threatened to rape her and murder her baby with a sword, but witnesses say it was NLP who threatened the girl. Another target is a man in Wyoming who NLP developed some kind of Fatal Attraction/Single White Female hate boner for. The man runs a YouTube channel about home schooling and frugal living that was started by his wife. He took over after his wife died of cancer. NLP allegedly called and texted him and his children repeatedly. She allegedly claimed to have been in their house when they were not home, and asked whether his wife lost control of her bowels when she died. She allegedly called Child Protective Services and a business in his area to make spurious reports about him, and called his local police station to insist upon a “welfare check” of his kids. Despite a mountain of evidence, including intel gathered by his local police, our courts denied the man a protective order when NLP claimed this was a case of mistaken identity.

She has opened countless fake social media accounts to imitate, stalk, and harass local politicians and activists. The political persuasions of her targets seem less important to her than her internal psychodrama in which anyone who does not treat her according to her deranged fantasies then becomes a worthy target of plans to ruin their lives.

This has been going on literally for years. So color us unshocked that 1) the KLIN “victim” submitted a police report AFTER the local rightwingers posted the rumor that LPD was covering for Morfeld; 2) the “victim” sounds exactly like the local psychopath; and 3) the local psychopath had warned Morfeld that she would politically ruin him, because…I will not be ignored? Nobody puts Baby in the corner?

(Actually, the specific reason NLP threatened to retaliate against Morfeld was because he cut off a conversation with her after she was verbally abusive to a woman on his staff.)

There’s a reason you are only hearing about this on KLIN, and it’s because this is a transparent collaboration between a) the party of incumbent DA Pat Condon, who is sweating the fact that Morfeld is competitive a few days before the election, and b) a deranged local bunny boiler who has already threatened Morfeld and whose voice, we believe, is recognizable across all these clips.

Here is a one-minute audio clip with 1) an excerpt from NLP’s interview with Jack Riggins, and 2) NLP’s voice message to Morfeld threatening retribution if he did not not continue to entertain her complaints about a staff member.

If you want more audio, here is a longer clip:

1. At 2:00 Jack Riggins acknowledges that that LPD has said that there is no investigation into accusations against Morfeld as previously claimed by local Republicans.

2. At 2:50 or so, the accuser begins to speak in the interview with Jack Riggins on Drive Time Lincoln. (At 3:20-ish she says the previous “rumors” were not hers but thanks whoever made the accusations, which appears to be nobody.)

3. Just for fun, at 15:10 Jack Riggins says “We do not go to air with things until we’ve done our facts.”

4. At 15:38: audio of  Notorious Local Psychopath at a press conference at the legislature several years ago.

5. At 18:00, 18:18, and 18:25: different online recordings of Notorious Local Psychopath.

What will the consequences be for Riggins for this last-minute brazen meddling and broadcasting of lies? When will Republican incumbent Pat Condon repudiate this absurd and cynical shit-slinging done on his behalf? We probably already know the answers to those questions.