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Shoutout to DJs Dugout

Thanks for sending Moms for Liberty packing!

Yesterday we alerted the community to a Moms for Liberty event that was supposed to take place at DJs Dugout last night. We are very happy to report that DJs Dugout decided they did not want to be associated with white nationalists and told the Moms to take their hateful business elsewhere.

The extremists are loud and privileged and have access to very deep pockets, but they are also wildly unpopular and vastly outnumbered. No reputable business is going to allow them to hold their hateful events at their facilities, which is why this Moms for Liberty hatefest ended up at a wedding venue, the Starlight Chateau, which also happens to be where Don Bacon held his event with insurrectionist Brandon Straka and the Proud Boys as parking lot security in 2020.

As much as we Antifa Goons would love to take credit for getting this event moved at the last minute, it wasn’t us. It was the Moms for Liberty themselves that got their event at DJs Dugout cancelled. It was TPUSA who got their “Take Back Nebraska” event at Creighton (which the Omaha World Herald dutifully called a “conservative political event) cancelled in 2022. Their hateful ideology is poison to the vast majority of Nebraskans – normal people don’t want to touch it with a ten foot pole. So the NEGOP can keep crying about being cancelled, but as long as they are pushing their extremist views, policing kids genitals, demanding forced birth from women and children, espousing white nationalist views, promoting fascist candidates, propping up neo-Nazis, and generally being unhinged conspiracy theorists, Nebraskans are going to keep telling them to pound sand. Regular Nebraskans do not support fascism. Regular Nebraskans are antifa.

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