LPD racism SRN Boos the News

Put Black Voices Before Cop Voices

On this edition of Seeing Red boos the news, the Lincoln Journal Star once again needs to do better, and so do supposed BLM local allies. Don’t bother reading this article, the main story here is a predominantly white, milquetoast “activist” group and a couple of neighborhood orgs decided to organize an event to lick police boots AT THE SAME TIME as the Black Leaders Movement Presents: Black History Jubilee, an event planned loooong before this cooper park bootlicking extravaganza.

So not only did the Lincoln Journal Star write two stories about the bootlicking event; centering mostly white, moderate voices who are sympathetic to police, they then passively mention the absence of the Black Leaders Movement and briefly mention the much larger event organized first that celebrates Black history.

Whether or not any BLM Lincoln folks wanted to attend this cop event or not, it is clear, the organizers of bootlicking didn’t give one single thought to the repercussions of creating a competing event that distracted local press and raised up cops’ voices, and white voices above Black voices. Shame on Stand In For Nebraska.