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Douglas County Moms for Liberty is holding a candidate meet and greet at DJs Dugout in Omaha tonight

Let’s meet the white nationalists running for office

Back in December we published an article about Moms for Liberty going mask-off with their white supremacy by actively promoting the National Justice Party, a white nationalist organization formed by neo-Nazis. We haven’t heard much from them since, but they are back on their bullshit with a candidate meet and greet tonight at DJs Dugout in Omaha, which has long been a meeting place for extremists and fascists. Who will be at this meet and greet? We are glad you asked!

A post by Moms for Liberty - Douglas County, NE says: "Moms for Liberty Douglas County is hosting a candidate meet and greet on Tuesday, April 16, at 6:30pm, in the private meeting room at DJs Dougout (114th andDodge). Bring a friend and learn more about the candidate's positions, as well as their commitment to upholding parental candidates' positions, as well as their commitment to upholding parental rights and defending against government overreach. We will welcome: Papillion La Vista Community Schools: Edward Weniger; Elkhorn school board: Brett Elliott; Gretna school board: Spencer Lombardo; Millard school board: Justin Curtis; Bellevue school board: Dickee Jost; State Board of Education: Stacy Matula, Linda Vermooten, Lisa Schonhoff; MTCC Board: Adam T Gotschall; Nebraska Unicameral: Felix Ungerman, Bob Andersen; US Senate: John Glen Weaver; Congressional Candidate - Dist 1: Michael Connely

First up is Edward Weniger, who faced a class IV felony and was banned from attending PLCS school board meetings for a year for bringing a loaded gun to a PLCS school board meeting in 2021.

Next up we have Brett Elliott, who you may remember from the genital-obsessed “Team SET” who ran for Elkhorn school board a few years back (and got absolutely trounced). In addition to being obsessed with children’s genitals, Brett Elliott is also a big fan of antisemitic trash person Jack Posobiec. Here he is posing with Posobiec and fellow Team SET member Luther Starks at another white nationalist event held at Don Carmelo’s (another safe space for extremists and white supremacists) a few years back. (We already hear the extremists screeching “but Luther Starks is black, how can he be a white supremacist”, blah blah blah. We don’t know, go ask Malia Shirley.)

Stacy Matula, Linda Vermooten, and Lisa Schonhoff are three of the four book-banning candidates for State Board of Ed who are backed by local hate group Protect Nebraska Children. The fourth is Liz Davids. We can’t imagine what is keeping Liz from this event, though she does seem to be trying her hardest to hide her extremist views from Lancaster County voters. You can’t fool us, Liz!

One of Linda Vermooten’s besties, Spencer Lombardo, will also be at the Moms for Liberty meet and greet. Just so you know, he is also supported by Fremont Mayor Joey Spellerberg, so keep that in mind when it comes time to vote for Mayor, Fremont.

Also on the list are Felix Ungerman and Bob Andersen who are running for Legislature, Adam T Gotschall (running for MTCC board), Justin Curtis (running for Millard school board), absolutely unhinged extremists John Glen Weaver and Michael Connely, and a new name to us – Dickee Jost.

We hope that local journalists will ask all these candidates about their association with Moms for Liberty, a known extremist group that props up white nationalists and neo-Nazis, but we are not holding our breath. All we can do is get the word out ourselves.

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