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SRN Boos the News: This Gloss is full of Whitewash

Another day, another local news whitewashing from the local media. Let’s back up a bit. Omaha pastor Jarrod Parker and other black leaders in Omaha met with Governor Ricketts, Mayor Jean Stothert from Omaha, and the Omaha police chief about the death of James Scurlock at the hands of a known white supremacist, and the […]

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Ricketts Press Conference: Recap 5/13

The Governor started today by explaining why it’s totally expected that we would have a delay in getting any test results from TestNebraska to our public health departments: Now for the Q&A: The rules for bars still apply. Unless you have a food license it’s takeout only. This includes the strip club in Omaha. Why […]

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Peter’s Plague: A Story on Racist Scapegoating

We, here at Seeing Red are committed to continuing to watch Ricketts’ daily racially coded press conference so that you don’t have to. You’re welcome. It is absolutely detrimental to every viewer’s mental health, but we will gladly shoulder that burden so you don’t have to. Today he made it 32 full minutes before turning […]

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Gov. Ricketts Scapegoats Immigrant Workers for Viral Spread

Since Nebraska started seeing spikes in COVID-19 cases in rural communities, the governor has been shamelessly scapegoating our immigrant population, from blaming the outbreaks on a Quinceañera that occurred the same night as his friend Julie Slama’s state basketball party, to his latest suggestion at his press conferences that those who do not have English […]

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Ricketts and NE Crossing Owner Contradict Each Other on Governor’s Approval

People are dying and Pete Ricketts is lying. As Nebraska Crossing prepares to become a “test case” in the re-opening of malls across the country, Nebraska reported one of its highest daily increases in the number of positive COVID-19 cases yet. Infectious disease specialists across the country and within our own communities are stressing that […]

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State Senators Can’t Phone It In

The government of this state is asking all of us to do our parts to slow the spread of COVID-19. For many of us, this is a completely “new normal.” They are asking students to take their lessons remotely. They are asking public school teachers to migrate lessons to a remote environment and continue to […]


You Too Can Be House Two

You Too Can be House Two In case you were not in attendance last Friday at the hellscape that was odd and inconsistent procedures, party busses of Nazis, and assault rifles with fingers on the trigger, all mixed in with some actual testimony and attempts at good policy at the Unicameral, read ahead for a […]