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Nebraska Has a Golden *Grass*roots Opportunity

Want to help throw some votes at a pro-labor, pro-legalization candidate who can actually beat Deb Fischer? Here’s how a quick and easy registration change to nonpartisan before the primaries will let you make a difference in the only primary that matters in Nebraska in 2024.

We all know Deb Fischer sucks. And that unions are awesome. And that legalizing marijuana would not only allow us all to light up without the cops pounding on the door, it would disrupt racialized policing, give relief to sick people who need medical marijuana, and grow the economy. So I was pretty jazzed that there’s a candidate out there this year that’s 100% pro-labor and in favor of legalization who actually has a shot at kicking Deb all the way out the door, and that’s Dan Osborn.

Osborn is an independent, and given the chaotic trash fire that the NE GOP is right now, there is a real chance that he can win. The only poll out there so far shows him leading Fischer by 2%.

But don’t break out the blunts just yet. Spoiler alert!

A month or so out from the deadline a new senate candidate popped up: some luddite weed-bro from the Legal Marijuana Now party put his name on the ballot. In past elections that party has gotten up to 5% of the vote in some places in Nebraska, which makes total sense because who doesn’t want to see marijuana legalized? But when there’s a pro-legalization candidate already on the ticket, one who at last count was ahead by 2%, you gotta ask: what is this guy smoking? Does he want to see weed legalized or does he just want to see his own name up in lights for nine months? Because that’s all that’s gonna happen if his name stays on the ballot and it sucks away enough voters from Osborn to kill off both our hopes for a pro-legalization Senator and for a Senator who will stand up strong in favor of workers rather than grinding them under the boot of the bosses like Fischer.

This state of affairs called for a daring plan. What if we could find someone to run against this dude in the primary and show him how to get shit done in politics? If they could sweep the primary and then take their name off the ballot and endorse Osborn, throwing their votes his way, we could actually have a pro-legalization Senator in Nebraska come November, and one that would support unions and workers too. I started calling everyone I could think of, but by this time the deadline to file was just a few days away. Who would step up to lead the labor grassroots in Nebraska to victory??

As a former NE Air Guard member, licensed pilot, epic artist and musician, DIY music venue host, and all-around Bitch Wizard, Kerry Eddy answered the call to serve! As she said to me, “Hell yeah, let’s do this thing!” Kerry is 100% in favor of both unions and legalizing pot and she spits in the face of Deb Fischer. Check out her campaign and her art.

So how can you support labor, marijuana legalization, and Kerry all at once? Switch your registration to either 1) the Legalize Marijuana Now Party or 2) non-partisan. If you switch to non-partisan you just need to request an LMN ballot at the poll. Switching your registration takes about 30 seconds, and as long as you do it by April 29, you can vote for Kerry in the May primary. You can switch back whenever you want or just chill out and do bong rips for democracy eternally. There are no Democratic primaries on the ballot, so unless you’re currently GOP, you’re not missing out on anything else if you do this.

Cheer on Kerry by putting your name down on the ‘Hell yeah, I’m voting for you!’ form and sharing the good word so others do the same. It’s a joint effort between two pro-legalization candidates. We’re rolling a big fatty for Kerry because we want her LMN opponent and Deb Fischer to get smoked.