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Local Child Molester, Treated Gently by Lancaster County Judge, Goes on to Attend Insurrection

In 2015, Lincoln resident Gavin Crowl, then 24, was convicted of groping a 10- or 11-year old girl in 2011, when he was 19. The Lincoln Journal Star reported that the victim testified that Crowl gave her gifts of My Little Pony toys and asked her to marry him when she grew up. However, Crowl’s […]

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The Upcoming Swap Between Omaha Police and the Definitely Not Nazi Gun Range

On Tuesday, July 19, the Omaha City Council will vote to approve a lengthy consent agenda–that is, a long list of what are meant to be routine, noncontroversial business matters that are grouped together as a single item to streamline meetings. Among the items, #75, is a trade in militarized police gear between the city’s […]

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Testy Tast-y Sends Us Mail

A Lincoln City Attorney (who rents a home to a wannabe cannibal) sent us a litigious letter after we wrote about his criminal trespassing charge and the punishment of cops who investigated him. The letter is part of a pattern.

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How LPD Gets Rid of Inconvenient Cops

What follows is an explanation of how the Lincoln Police Department ousts police officers who challenge the power structure within the department. We look at the consequences of a pair of firings to one case in particular, a misdemeanor charge against an Assistant City Attorney, which is scheduled for a hearing on Friday, March 11. […]

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Yet Another Apparent Retaliation in LPD: Officer Sara Khalil

Lincoln Police Department Officer Sara Khalil was, according to anonymous sources close to the case, recently fired from LPD. Khalil’s termination is the latest in what appears to be a string of retaliatory punishments inflicted on LPD employees who have spoken about sexual or racial misconduct in the force. Sarah Williams, Angela Sands, Erin Spilker, […]


Beware of Scam COVID Test Companies that Are Now in Nebraska

Representatives from a company called Nationwide Covid Testing have been distributing flyers in Nebraska advertising free Covid tests that they will administer at your home by appointment. Some of the flyers were distributed to Lincoln residents who were waiting in the very long line–by some reports up to five hours–for drive-through testing at Gateway Mall. […]

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Allegations of Sexual Assault, Harassment, Racism, and Retaliation at Lincoln Police Department

Two sources have informed Seeing Red Nebraska that a number of women employed by the Lincoln Police Department are targets of retaliatory investigations by LPD leadership after the women reported incidents of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and racism by LPD officers. The retaliation spans the tenure of three different Lincoln police chiefs: Jeffrey Bliemeister, Acting […]

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Fortenberry Was Not a Random Red State Target for Illegal Campaign Donations

Fortenberry was a target of Chagoury’s money because of their shared religious objectives, not because he is a red state rube. By the time Chagoury was giving Fortenberry money, he had secured a place on the approximately nine-member committee that determines the budget for USAID, the State Department, and various other international activities.

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88 Tactical, Militarized Police, and a Looming Coup in Brazil

Brazil is currently on high alert amid signs its fascist leader is planning a “self coup” to despotically seize and retain power. Bolsonaro loyalists have had years of training from Omaha’s 88 Tactical and US law enforcement.


A Serial Environmental Violator is in Charge of Cleaning Up Mead

Multiple recent environmental disasters in Nebraska make it clear that without stronger environmental supervision and enforcement our state will continue to be a toilet for greedy businesses.