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SRN Boos the News: This Gloss is full of Whitewash

Another day, another local news whitewashing from the local media.

Let’s back up a bit. Omaha pastor Jarrod Parker and other black leaders in Omaha met with Governor Ricketts, Mayor Jean Stothert from Omaha, and the Omaha police chief about the death of James Scurlock at the hands of a known white supremacist, and the fact that he wouldn’t be charged with any crime. Seemingly, these leaders were invited in to talk about the issues and share their solutions.

According to a video account made immediately after that meeting by Pastor Jarrod Parker, the following is clear: the black leaders expended energy to talk with white elected officials about racism in Omaha, Pete Ricketts addressed these leaders with the racist phrase, “you people,” and at least a dozen of these leaders promptly left the meeting as they rightly determined it was not going to be worth their time.

We are amazed by the patience exhibited by these black leaders, but we think they probably could have saved their time. We have long documented Peter’s racism: that he blames minorities for COVID19, cavorts with Nazis, and is a general waste of space. But I fear that the irony of opening his comments on a meeting to discuss racism with actual racism is lost on daddy’s boy.

10/11 certainly neglected to point it out. While “factually accurate,” it’s wholly unclear what the problem with the interaction was based on their coverage. What we know from their headline is that a “comment” (not a racist remark) “was made” (passive voice) by someone (unspecified), and this touchy pastor walked right out of an important meeting with the Governor of the State of the Nebraska. ‘What’s wrong with this guy?!’ we’re asked to think.

Never fear, you might think. They just buried the lede! You have to read the story! We did. And so can you – in one screenshot.

Yes, that’s the entire story.

No mention of the obvious racism. In fact, in the incredibly “balanced” coverage of this story they don’t even bother to mention that the pastor’s reasoning for walking out was the obvious racism exhibited by the governor. Those who already understand why this is an incredibly racist remark will be as infuriated as the pastor; those who don’t will never understand what happened here.

The news does graciously give The Racist in Chief a chance to apologize, not for what he said, but for the fact that someone was offended by it. This is a classic technique used by racists as is absolves them of any responsibility. Someone was offended (passive) and the racism is not the problem, the poor choice of words was.

Sounds about white.