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#TerribleTuesday: The Christian Nationalists are back on their bullsh*t

Once again local extremists are using prayer as a weapon against Nebraska’s kids

We have written about Tiffany Carter before – she is the book banning “mama bear” extremist who was appointed to the Library Commission (despite having absolutely no background in library administration) by Pete Ricketts before he went on to purchase his seat in Washington. After packing a library commission meeting full of her friends in local hate groups like Nebraskans for Founders ValuesProtect Nebraska Children, and Moms for Liberty to complain about nonexistent porn in public libraries a few months ago, her latest stunt is promoting a “prayer event” organized by national MLM grifter, Christian Nationalist, and anti-LGBTQ bigot Jenny Donnelly.

Jenny Donnelly reminds us a lot of another local extremist, Stephanie Deeds Johnson, who is a leader in the Hitler-quoting hate group Nebraskans for Founders Values and who has the ear of many NEGOP Senators. They both believe Christians should have dominion over every aspect of American culture including the government, and they both have that empty-eyed gaze of someone who has completely lost touch with reality.

In addition to founding the “Her Voice” movement, which is committed to activating a million women to stand for Christian dominion over American culture and politics, Jenny Donnelly’s agenda includes rolling back LGBTQ rights, likening queer culture to pedophilia (while of course ignoring the actual pedophiles in America’s churches). She is the person behind the “Don’t Mess With Our Kids” website promoted by Tiffany Carter above. Jenny Donnelly is also a part of the New Apostolic Reformation, which we have discussed before, and which also has a hold on Senators Robert Clements and Kathleen Kauth, as well as State Board of Ed candidate Linda Vermooten. (Please take a moment to read this important article)

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It would be nice if we could just ignore the very tiny portion of Nebraskans who are Christian Nationalists, but unfortunately due to the outsized influence of national hate groups and extremists like Sean Feucht and Charlie Kirk, and the hateful billionaires who back them, they are a real threat to Nebraska’s children. We have extremists on our State Board of Edin our Legislature, and running the entire NEGOP. We at Seeing Red Nebraska have been sounding the alarm for nearly a decade, to mostly be ignored by Nebraska’s media and leaders. Nebraska has a real fascism problem and it is long past time for us to take it seriously.