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Two State Senators and an Oathkeeper Walk Into a Fundraiser

The LCRP is once again inviting extremists to Nebraska to spread their conspiracy theories and calls for violence and two state Senators are happy to participate

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On February 24 the Lancaster County Republican Party will be holding their annual “Lincoln-Reagan Dinner” and this year their guest of honor is election denying conspiracy theorist and Oathkeeper Mark Finchem. In a story that has become very familiar from these losers, Mark was sad that he lost his election, so he made up a conspiracy theory about it and then was sanctioned by a judge for his baseless nonsense. He is of course besties with fellow loser Kari Lake, who spoke to tens of people on loser holiday January 6 in Omaha. In case you are unfamiliar with gunlicking dipshits the Oathkeepers, here is a little reading for you from the SPLC.

Joining Mark Finchem at the LCRP event is Senator Beau Ballard, who owns the Rabbit Hole Bakery in the Haymarket in Lincoln, and Senator Carolyn Bosn who was appointed by Jim Pillen and who is supposed to represent the people of Lincoln.

Senator Beau Ballard can be reached at: (402) 471-2673

Senator Carolyn Bosn can be reached at: (402) 471-2731

The flyer says Bosn is “up for re-election” but she was never elected by the people of Lincoln and she does not represent us. Let her know that if she goes to this fascist dipshit hoedown she has even less of a chance of ever getting elected by the people. And if you want a sweet treat, get it from Butterfly Bakery, not the Rabbit Hole which enriches fascist Senator Beau Ballard.