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NEGOP Throws a Nazi Rally in Western Nebraska; Local Press Totally Ignores It

We all remember the TPUSA and Nebraska Freedom Coalition sponsored event with Jack Posobiec that Creighton cancelled on Saturday, April 9th. But did you know the NEGOP sponsored another event starring the same antisemitic Pizzagate conspiracy theorist in Western Nebraska on April 8th? Did you know that at least three gubernatorial candidates and the elusive Adrian Smith spoke at this event? Of course you didn’t, because the local press hasn’t said a word about it, despite our sending them the receipts a week ago. In fact, not a single one of them, not even your beloved Flatwater Free Press or Nebraska Examiner, even bothered to reply to us. (We did not contact NOISE because this is very much a White People Problem)

If you are not familiar with Jack Posobiec or the situation at Creighton, please take a moment to read this quick article, which tells you exactly who we’re dealing with here. We’ll wait!

Ok, so as you now know from reading that article, Seeing Red Nebraska and everyone who isn’t a supporter of antisemitism, white nationalism, and conspiracy theories called Creighton to ask them just what the fuck was going on here. (To this day, Creighton has never responded to us). To our complete and utter shock, Creighton cancelled the event around 3:00pm on Friday, which we only found out through other channels, not from Creighton themselves. The secrecy of the location up until the last moment and the speed with which Creighton cancelled this event tells us 1) Nebraska Freedom Coalition knew they were booking a shitty person that would cause a huge uproar and 2) Creighton also knew allowing this event to go on would cause irreparable damage to their reputation.

While digging into the Creighton event, we discovered there was another event starring Posobiec and Raheem Kassam out by Ogallala on Friday, April 8th. This event featured all the prominent gubernatorial candidates as well as Adrian Smith, Mike Hilgers, and Bob Evnen. This event was sponsored by the NEGOP itself.

NEGOP-sponsored rally starring all the Republican gubernatorial candidates alongside conspiracy theorist and champion of antisemitism and white nationalism Jack Posobiec
Anybody remember Adrian Smith? The Congressman from Gering who has been in Congress since 2007 and has literally nothing to show for it? He won’t hold a town hall to talk to you about your health care or your struggles with farming or your taxes, but he will share a stage with an antisemitic conspiracy theorist.
Even Jim Pillen, who hasn’t shown up for a single debate, showed his face and spoke at the neo-Nazi rally. Do you think anyone talked to him?
If you need any more proof that TPUSA are incompetent twits, please feast your eyes on this white on cream graphic abortion.

Okay, so this is a big deal! The NEGOP paid for two well-known white nationalist supporters to come to Nebraska and headline one of their “Meet the Candidates” events. Everyone went nuts, right?


No. As of this publishing, Seeing Red Nebraska is the only outlet to say one single word about this. Are our local journalists so cowardly that they refuse to report on the NEGOP funding this actual neo-Nazi rally? Do they just not think it is news? This should be a huge deal, and it should be screamed from every rooftop. Instead, liberals are busy killing each other off in a frenzy of sniping over ever-more specific identity categories and symbolic gestures, while money and power is locked ever more tightly into a tiny group of white elites who are now openly conversing with white supremacists. Guess which one of those things gets all the press? How many dozens of articles did we read about a TPUSA lackey getting flipped off? How many Senators took to the Legislature floor and spent HOURS talking about it? Yet the NEGOP sponsors an antisemitic conspiracy theorist to speak on the same stage as their gubernatorial candidates and not a peep out of press or our Senators. We reached out directly to Kay Orr’s grandson who is now Executive Director of the NEGOP as well as to Adrian Smith and multiple other elected officials who spoke or were scheduled to speak at these events. None of them responded.

We must demand that our press, our Senators, and our candidates do better. It is inconceivable that we would just sit idly by and let the NEGOP bury this sky-high mountain of red flags. We encourage you to reach out to the press and ask why they didn’t think gubernatorial candidates sharing the stage with an antisemitic conspiracy theorist was newsworthy. And while you’re at it, contact the NEGOP and ask if white supremacy is now an official part of their platform.