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It’s just another Maniac Monday

Let’s take a look at what the local maniacs have been up to lately

It was a chilly and rainy weekend, so in between getting caught up on our reading and baking cookies, we got caught up with the local maniacs to see what they are on about these days. We’ve got some doozies! First we’ve got the Nebraska Freedom Coalition, run by Malia Shirley and Patrick Peterson, going hoods off on Twitter:

What Senators would possibly pose with such blatantly racist people you may ask? Why the same Senators who would attend events starring Ben Shapiro, Jack Posobiec, and Scott Presler, to name a few. Oh look, it’s Mike Foley!

Next we’ve got Linda Vermooten who is running for the State Board of Education. She attended the Life Runners “All in Christ” event that was held at the SAC Museum (excuse us, but … why???) and couldn’t wait to get a picture with Pete Ricketts’s bestie Patrick Castle who harasses and lies to women seeking abortions and who once punched a woman in the face.

Also in the photos are Felix Ungerman who is running for Legislature and Senator Holdcroft, who wanted to install “baby boxes” across Nebraska. What are “baby boxes” you may ask? They are boxes made by grifters who also make pig troughs that some states have installed so people can just drop babies off in the equivalent of a pizza warmer without any accountability at all.

Also at this disgusting event, of course, was insurrectionist fake beauty queen Haile McAnally. And the keynote speaker? George Delgado, founder of “abortion pill reversal”, a fake concept that does nothing but kill women. Kennedy Goetz is a staffer for Felix Ungerman.

As long as we are talking about insurrectionists, Fanchon Blythe shared a doozy of a conspiracy theory over the weekend.

Whoever this Lori Holle Fonfara is is attempting to use Hebrew that predates the written Torah to make this fake … thing. Literally none of this makes any sense. They are using pre-biblical Hebrew script to discuss a verse that appears in a text that was written in Greek. There is no aleph-tav in Hebrew. It’s just not a thing. The alpha-omega is Greek, obviously. They also claim the eclipse will go through 8 towns named Nineveh which is not true (it does go through two towns named Nineveh). Their brains are pudding.

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Moving on, we’ve got another candidate, Brett Elliott, who is running for Elkhorn school board again after getting absolutely trounced a couple years ago as part of “Team SET”. Here he is posing with Jack Posobiec along with Luther Starks, another member of Team SET. Team SET’s only stated platform was inspecting children’s genitals to make sure they were playing on the “right” sports team at school.

Speaking of inspecting children’s genitals to play sports, Senator Kauth’s LB575, the “sports and spaces” bill that would require that children’s genitals be inspected in order to play sports, will be debated in the Legislature soon. Local hate group Protect Nebraska Children is sharing around this survey for their followers to fill out. We believe our Senators should get a fair representation of the views of all Nebraskans, so please do go ahead and fill out this survey and share your thoughts about this bill.

It wouldn’t be a Maniac Monday without Sue Greenwald and her unhinged followers, so we will go ahead and present this without comment.

We’ll cap it off with the most maniacal maniac of them all, Amber Parker. Again, presented without comment because … what the hell.

These are the people running our state, fam! Not great.