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OPOA President Tony Conner Is Due in Court This Morning

Tony Conner has been ordered to court at 10:00am today because he is $10K behind in child support and alimony payments

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Tony Conner, union president for the Omaha Police Department, has been ordered to court at 10:00am today because he is over $10,000 behind in child support and alimony payments. He has had a delinquent balance since October of 2022, and hasn’t made any payments at all since October 2023. Tony Conner is a public official who thinks he is above the law and refuses to follow a lawful court order. His lawyer? Omaha City Council member and supporter of Moms for Liberty Aimee Melton.

This is the same bully who pals around with Proud Boys and other fascists, is an anti-vaxxer that endangered the public when he had covid, who attacks other elected officials while hiding behind the police union, and who wants to put kids in jail. He consistently is NOT paying alimony as ordered by the court. This refusal to pay alimony shows a disdain both for the law and for the woman who is raising his children.

This is a terrible situation for his ex-wife and his kids, and a terrible example for the community. Police officers are not above the law.