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Herbster’s top aide involved in multiple scandals

Corey Lewandowski, one of the people in Trump’s inner circle and in attendance at Jan 5th meetings, has also been working as a top aide (radio interview link)to Nebraska gubernatorial candidate, Charles “Bull Jizz” Herbster.Today news outlets are reporting that he has been fired from his job running the Trump PAC due to sexual harassment […]

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Save Nebraska School Libraries

The Nebraska Department of Education has written a draft of the proposed new regulations regarding the approval, accreditation, and accountability for schools, but despite all the input received from schools, teachers, and librarians, the department has nearly eliminated all requirements for a trained librarian in schools. Students and schools need you to voice your opinion […]

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Joseph Couch is Challenging an NRA Senator in the Legislature

You’ve likely been filled with despair and anger over recent mass shootings, and while we can only jump for joy over the internal implosion of the NRA, the best action we can take locally is to clean up our own house by defeating state senators that do the NRA’s dirty work. State Senator Mike Hilgers […]

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Our Lady Crush on Machaela Cavanaugh (LD6 Endorsement)

Today, we’re going to share with you one of our many lady crushes on Nebraska’s ballot: Machaela Cavanaugh. In District 6, Cavanaugh is running against Ricketts’ appointee Theresa Thibodeau for a seat in the legislature representing central/West-Central Omaha (LD6).  And folks, Nebraska needs Cavanaugh and we announce our endorsement today.  She is dedicated to the […]

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O’Neill ICE raid

On Wednesday Aug 8, 2018 one of the larger raids in ICE history took place in O’Neill, Nebraska and surrounding areas, sweeping up 133 people and ripping them out of their communities. There are many news sources out there that can report the details better than we can. However, we at Seeing Red want to […]

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Show Me the Money- How to Look Up Campaign Donors

Perhaps you’ve been following the parade of damaging bills in the state legislature this year and wondering where this assault on democracy is coming from. Maybe you want to know who funded the local school board, your mayor, or the university regents elections. You may have real concerns over where their allegiance may lie, or […]