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We Still Don’t Know the Name of the Seward County Deputy Who Killed an Innocent Man on October 24

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On Monday October 23 a Seward County Deputy chased Jorge Luis Santana-Ramirez into Lancaster County and then killed him. We did not find out the name of the victim until November 1, and now, almost a month later, we still do not know the name of the Seward County Deputy who killed him or any other details about this murder. This man who was murdered by the Deputy was innocent. They always forget that people are innocent until proven guilty, and therefore an innocent man was murdered by an agent of the state, whose name we still do not know.

As we wrote in our article on October 27, the Seward County Sheriffs “don’t know who they killed but they arrested a passenger who was with the man they killed, who they won’t name, on warrants. They claim they have no idea who the man is that they murdered, yet they were pulling him over because they allegedly saw contraband in his vehicle (going 80 mph on the Interstate, no less) the week before. They claim that when the guy pulled over they saw a weapon, possibly in his hand, but they won’t verify whether there actually was a weapon or what kind of weapon they claimed to see. Now, the Legislature just made it legal for anyone who wants to drive around with a gun in their hand to do so, so why did they kill the guy? For speeding? For embarrassing them the week before by getting away from them when they were trying to pull him over allegedly because they saw “contraband” in his vehicle while going 80 mph on the Interstate? Most LEOs use field test reagents for their probable cause affidavits but this guy can just eyeball it at 80mph? No fucking way.”

This is just one of the many problematic issues going on with the cops and sheriffs in Nebraska. We’ve got Ben Houchin, who was promoted after throwing a Black girl to the ground by her braids in the summer of 2020, who then went on to run over a 9-year-old Black girl in his neighborhood without facing any consequences at all. The girl’s mom attempted to get a restraining order against him, then dropped the request for reasons we can only imagine (none of them good). Most recently, Houchin took to the airwaves to insinuate that a man had murdered his husband without any evidence of that whatsoever, going to far as to say the man “stopped cooperating with police” after the man hired a lawyer AFTER he had allowed Houchin and his goons to search his house three times. (Tyler Goodrich is still missing)

Then over in Dundy County, an unaccredited “Sheriff” with a history of lying and sexual harassment was elected anyway, only to be recalled by a vote of 90% of the townspeople a few months later after they realized their mistake. This fake Sheriff, Clinton J. Smith, has openly stated he will “engage in battle” with the ATF if they knock on his door.

We have a real problem with cops in Nebraska, yet our Mayors and City Councils continue to give them more and more and more money every single year while letting kids go hungry and people go houseless. It is a disgrace.

Is anyone pushing to get the name of the Seward County Deputy who murdered an innocent man almost a month ago? Surely we aren’t going to let them just sweep this under the rug like Houchin’s transgressions?