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COVID-19 Hits Home

Twelve of my family members have had Covid-19 in the last 2 weeks, all out in western Nebraska, aged 3 to 89, North Platte and Stapleton to be exact. My grandma (89) is in the hospital in Grand Island, the virus is attacking her kidneys and heart. The rest are recovered or recovering at home with the whole variation of symptoms (no symptoms to a nasty flu-like cold). My Dad’s side is just in day 3 or 4 so I hope they don’t develop worse symptoms. They didn’t all catch it from each other either. Community spread is THAT bad out west. It was my Dad’s side and Mom’s side, totally separate.I have not come out of this unscathed. It has been horribly stressful to know they are all sick and that I can do nothing for them. And it hasn’t ended. My grandma might not make it and my Dad sounds awful. My mom was pretty damn sick too. I have worried all day, every day since Halloween. I have been staying off social media and news because I am so angry at our leaders who won’t listen to science and who have let this get out of control in Nebraska. I got my very first migraine Saturday and it landed me in the E.R. I thought I was going to die from an actual aneurism. It has been hell and I don’t even have Covid19! I have never had a migraine before in my life. For those who suffer them, it was the most excruciating pain of my life and I am so sorry.

I am not saying this for sympathy or prayers, I am an atheist. Just everyone, please be careful. Don’t eat at restaurants. Wear your masks. Do NOT gather for holidays. There is no leadership. No one is coming to save us. I luckily have not been exposed precisely because I declined to go to an outdoor event in Kearney on Oct. 24th. I decided it was too risky for me when truly our leaders should have decided that for everyone weeks ago. I chose not to go despite the fact I so desperately want to see my family. We ALL need to step up and make these painful, unpopular decisions.

Please stay safe, friends. The cases per capita in rural counties in Nebraska are as bad as they were when NY and Italy locked down. LOCK IT DOWN in Nebraska.