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Omaha police union president’s struggle with COVID – The Full Story

A Timeline

Your devoted editorial team at Seeing Red Nebraska once again noticed that the recent news story on Omaha Police Union President Tony Conner’s recovery from COVID leaves out a lot of pertinent information. Here is a quick timeline of events as publicly shared on Twitter via the OPOA’s official accounts (and, as you undoubtedly are as well, we remain flabbergasted as to how news media “missed” all this. Well, not really)

Tony Conner with Donald Trump Jr. unmasked at Tactical 88, seven weeks before being admitted to the ICU (and two weeks before Donald Trump Sr. famously tests positive for COVID)

Tony Conner campaigning, unmasked, for Don Bacon — one month before being admitted to the hospital (for reference, Donald Trump Sr. was admitted to Walter Reed hospital five days prior, on October 2nd, 2020)

Tony Conner, unmasked, thanking the Baer Foundation on video — 12 days before being driven to the emergency room (as per his testimony to the reporters at KETV, article linked below).

Tony Conner tweeting, presumably from the hospital, about “religiously” having worn a mask.

Tony Conner spreading vaccine misinformation online while also telling a woman to shut up about the low vaccination rates among OPD police officers seven months after his recovery

Tony Conner feeling unfairly treated by another woman daring to report on his sharing of vaccine misinformation and pointing to a video literally nobody had heard about before his mentioning it on July 22nd, 2021.

Tony Conner fluff hero piece discussing his horrible and totes faultless exposure to COVID and his utterly heroic recording of the July 22nd video urging OPD officers to get vaccinated. Do better, KETV.