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The Nebraska GOP is a Career Placement Service for White Supremacists

Over the weekend, the folks at NOISE Omaha brought to light the fact that the Omaha Police Officers Association officially endorsed Don Bacon just days after their pity party at which the Proud Boys showed up to show their support for racist police violence. That got us to thinking about the previous reporting we have done on Don Bacon and the number of NEGOP members that we have seen making the same white power hand sign as the Proud Boys. Let’s take a look, shall we?

First up we have former Bacon staffer and Toilet Paper USA darling Kaitlin Mullen and pals. From left to right we have Grant Haile, Malia Shirley, Timon Prax, Kaitlin Mullen, and Jones Retallick.

Kaitlin Mullen showing off a trick she learned with her white supremacist pals.

As you will recall, Timon Prax was the Midwest manager forced out from TPUSA after his racist tweets were exposed. When this picture was initially posted by Seeing Red contributor Ari Kohen, Jones Retallick threatened to sue him for “using his likeness without consent.” Because it is perfectly ok to have this picture up all over the internet when only the people who are sympathetic to white supremacists are commenting on it, but when someone calls you out on it that is an infringement of his rights or something. Side note: this is as close as TPUSA gets to consent culture.

And speaking of Toilet Paper USA, here is Derek Oden, Executive Director of the Douglas County Republican Party with his pal Charlie Kirk. Note the Bacon sticker on Oden and Kirk’s white power hand sign.

Charlie Kirk and Derek Oden

Here is a picture from a Don Bacon campaign event. See anything interesting here?

How about now?

Yep, yet another Young Republican/TPUSA/Aryan Youth expressing support for white power. This same Bacon booster also turned up at a campus event in Lincoln spreading the message “Black Guns Matter.”

Who else does this merry band of white power enthusiasts hang out with? Why, none other than Governor Ricketts, Hal Daub, Don Bacon, and Jean Stothert.

Left to right – Suzanne Shore, Governor Pete Ricketts, Malia Shirley, Hal Daub, Kaitlyn Mullen, Grant Haile, Don Bacon, and Jean Stothert

Let’s take one more look at the Nebraska Proud Boys.

And just because he is back in the news for once again getting caught being a racist, here is Roger Stone with some Proud Boys in Salem, Oregon.

So, tell us again, Omaha Police Department, how you have no idea who the Proud Boys are.

Yeah, yeah, we know. Poor Don Bacon and other NE GOP leaders can’t help it if Nazis keep campaigning for them. How dare we judge these racist politicians by the base of white nationalist youth who they routinely employ and promote socially? Give us a break. We know you by the company you keep.

Nebraska deserves better than to be held by the balls by a party of white supremacists who use the power of their office to launch the careers of obvious white nationalists, all while feigning that butter wouldn’t melt in their shitty mouths.

The contest between Don Bacon and Kara Eastman has officially been declared a toss-up by David Wasserman with the Cook Political Report. That means Nebraskans have a real chance of getting rid of Bacon and replacing him with a woman who will work for all Nebraskans, not just white men. Reach out to Kara’s campaign here and ask what you can do to help get her elected.