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Enough with the Race-Baiting

In this election year in which overheated rhetoric is already a hallmark and at a time when everyone’s emotions are already running high, Nebraskans must take a stand against the use of race-baiting in political advertising and messaging by local candidates and campaigns.  In this context, “race-baiting” means instances when a politician, political party, or […]

Nebraska Politics NEGOP racism

The Nebraska GOP is a Career Placement Service for White Supremacists

Over the weekend, the folks at NOISE Omaha brought to light the fact that the Omaha Police Officers Association officially endorsed Don Bacon just days after their pity party at which the Proud Boys showed up to show their support for racist police violence. That got us to thinking about the previous reporting we have […]

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Proud Boys? Never Heard of ‘Em

Last weekend the Omaha Police Department threw themselves a party because they were sad about the Black Lives Matter movement calling out racist police violence. In addition to the 500 or so average Joe Racists who showed up (nowhere near the 2000 reported by organizers of the event), the Nebraska Proud Boys also showed up […]

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Creighton Prof Asked to Apologize for Calling an Omaha White Supremacist Rally a White Supremacist Rally

When Zachary Smith saw the news that there would be a “Back the Blue” rally in Omaha on Saturday morning he joined many online in feeling that such a rally couldn’t be separated by the racist actions of the Omaha Police Department, which have a deep past and have been on full display this last […]

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Put Black Voices Before Cop Voices

On this edition of Seeing Red boos the news, the Lincoln Journal Star once again needs to do better, and so do supposed BLM local allies. Don’t bother reading this article, the main story here is a predominantly white, milquetoast “activist” group and a couple of neighborhood orgs decided to organize an event to lick […]

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Advice from Morgann Freeman and Angie Phillips

From the pod, E13, 1:08:20-1:12:30 Morgann: To my young non-white and other intersectionally-identified folks: never forget who the enemy is.  Because there is a lot of noise around you, there is a lot of noise that will come at you, and it’s very easy to get caught up in all of the politics and all […]

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My government taught me that I am its enemy

What if I had been there with another man? For that matter, what if I had not been white? What exactly were a dozen cops planning to do to me in the woods under cover of night?

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The Racial Innocence of Nebraska State Senator Suzanne Geist

If we want to be generous to Nebraska State Senator Suzanne Geist, we could credit her for being a conservative who, unlike some in her party, has at least acknowledged that she has not been clued in to the racial strife in this country. Recently, the Lincoln Journal Star ran an article profiling Geist and […]

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SRN Boos the News: This Gloss is full of Whitewash

Another day, another local news whitewashing from the local media. Let’s back up a bit. Omaha pastor Jarrod Parker and other black leaders in Omaha met with Governor Ricketts, Mayor Jean Stothert from Omaha, and the Omaha police chief about the death of James Scurlock at the hands of a known white supremacist, and the […]


White men ran over two black women and smashed up a store in Lincoln

A white man hit two black women with his truck last night in Lincoln. Both women were injured. One is suffering from a concussion and internal injuries and the other is suffering from multiple contusions from being hit and dragged by the truck. Seeing Red was able to speak to both women, Lacretia Contreras and […]