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Stories of Police Violence in Omaha 7.25.20 Part 4: Anonymous

I have been very active in community protests as they have occurred, specifically throughout this current presidency. Never have I seen a police presence or use of force as I did over this past weekend while visiting family.

I attended the protests on both Friday and Saturday night at 72nd and dodge. It is imperative to understand that while I was out peacefully protesting against the continued injustices suffered against people of color in our country, the Omaha Police Department relied on young martial law to inflict injury onto me and countless other protestors. It is also important to note that while protesting Saturday, there was no forewarning to disperse, something the ACLU has spoken out against. I was standing with a sign that read “why the tear gas?” when multiple officers charged me with batons and tackled me to the ground, slamming my head on the concrete. I was then transported to the Douglas county jail where I was held for 9 hours and denied medical attention after requesting multiple times.

Once I was released I did seek medical care in Omaha and followed up in Colorado. The cost of my Colorado urgent care appointment was $155, however, it is recommended that I complete physical therapy for injuries sustained from the Omaha police department. My injuries were demoted as a mild closed head injury, traumatic ecchymosis of multiple sites and injury of right shoulder and upper arm. Attached are images of some of the bruising.