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Stories of Police Violence in Omaha 7.25.20 Part 6: Anonymous

I wasn’t planning on sharing this publicly but maybe this will help some people realize what is going on throughout the United States, and right here in our hometown. After being cuffed with zipties for hours on a bridge and finally being taken to the jail parking lot, I had to pee after staying hydrated during the walk and then waiting for around 3 hours at that point. Heat index was around 100 that day and the officers ignored and laughed when people demanded water and access to the bathroom. I begged the officers multiple times to let me use the bathroom and stated that I was going to pee my pants and they said they would get me in next. I ended up peeing my pants in front of everyone and all of the officers. They took me in next, which was only to a line of people we assumed were already booked waiting in a hot garage (which was at least 5-10 degrees hotter than outside) where we waited another hour. Then I got into the booking room filled with the 20+ people who had gone in before us, still waiting to be booked because their systems go down every Sunday morning. I had to sit in my pants for at least 5 hours before I was picked at random to change. This is only a small fraction of the story and nothing compared to what black people go through on a daily basis.