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Why are all the NEGOP staffers white supremacists?

Thanks for joining us for another episode of “How many Nazis does it take for the NEGOP to admit to their Nazi problem?”.

Just months after James Scurlock was murdered by white supremacist Jake Gardner and with Omaha’s Black community still reeling from the loss, another Black man, Kenny Jones, was needlessly and brutally murdered by the Omaha Police Department in front of his mother’s house. The community immediately sprung into action with protests in front of the Omaha Police Department demanding that OPD release their camera footage of the murder, which they have still refused to do. What they have released, though, in an attempt to control the narrative, are still photos from the body cam footage, including this horrific photo of Kenny Jones realizing he is about to be murdered by OPD.

If you are a person with a shred of empathy–in other words, not OPD–you would find that photo devastating. Yet in the midst of a community mourning this second loss at the hands of white supremacists this year and fighting literally for their lives, two agitators decided to show up and taunt Kenny Jones’s family. Those agitators? Congressman Jeff Fortenberry staffer Kelsey McDonald and Vice Chair of Nebraska Log Cabin Republicans Jacob M. McNeill.

According to people at the protest, Kelsey taunted Kenny’s family until someone in the crowd allegedly hit Kelsey’s sign (reading “We ♥ OPD”) with their own sign. When the sign fell to the ground it was allegedly ripped up by another person, at which point one of Kenny’s family members and a supporter were slammed into the side of a van, yanked out of the crowd, and then dragged across the ground before being arrested by the Omaha Police Department. Kelsey and Jacob then went full white supremacist on Twitter, claiming they were “attacked” by protestors screaming at them hysterically and tearing up their signs, and how hilarious they think it all is. Jacob, who is clearly hoping to be the next Milo Yiannopoulos, tweeted “DON’T BE A THUG IF YOU CAN’T TAKEA SLUG,” which Kelsey dutifully retweeted, along with a tweet about “the GHETTO blm/antifa mob.”

The Black community is in deep mourning and fighting for their literal lives, and these dipshit assholes are now famous for mocking the death of a man to his family’s face.

So look. There are plenty of white supremacist trash morons out there. Kelsey is free to be one. But this racist trash, who is mocking a man who was just killed in our state’s largest city, who is trying to claim 15 minutes of fascist fame by degrading the black community in her state, is employed by one of our three Congressmen. And you know what? Not that this should come as a surprise, but that makes him racist trash, too.

The whole thing worked for Kelsey. She’s picked up 5,000 Twitter followers, got national attention from literal fascists Andy Ngo and Ann Coulter and is now the best-known thing to happen to Fart’s office since Reyn. This is all they’ve got; it’s all they are: full-time collegiate trolls. In Nebraska, the Nebraska Republican Party has so effectively indicated time and again that their officials are only interested in advancing extreme rightwing policy that they have narrowed their talent pool to fascists.

Take for example the original Nebraska Nazi Barbie Katie Mullen, a pathetic drama queen who made a whole career out of getting flipped off. There are few other states in which she would have ever had a prayer of interning for a Congressman. But while Nebraska “is not for everyone,” Nebraska is for her. The Nebraska Republican Party is affirmative action for mediocre fascists.

Perhaps the most blatant example of this is a couple years ago when Pete Ricketts had an actual Nazi, Bennett Bressman, running his re-election campaign as well as his ludicrous anti-weed program. Pete was shocked–just shocked!–to find out Bennett Bressman was a white supremacist, just like the OPD claimed to have never heard of the Proud Boys until the many thousands of Nebraskans who are not white supremacists called them out for having the Proud Boys at one of their Back the Blue rallies.

What is it about the Nebraska Republican Party that young Nazis and white supremacists find so appealing? The lack of having to commit to any critical thinking skills? The chance for advancement no matter how stupid they are? Whatever it is, it is revolting and we have had enough. I get a lot of people complaining that the word Nazi is overused, but *gestures at the NEGOP*, *shrugs*.