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Dem Primary Recap: Nebraska Women Slay!

1 week ago

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Nebraska, gurl, WHAT? Honestly, what just happened yesterday in Frostlandia? Did we really, truly just send the best and brightest and female-est candidates on to the general election in November? Answer: Yes. Yes we did. Let’s take an Alicia Keys break to celebrate. Yeah. Women put their feet on the ground here in Nebraska, and…

Silence is NOT an Option

3 weeks ago

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We’re proud to share a recent editorial shared in the Lincoln Journal Star, by Amanda Gailey and Patricia Wonch Hill, editors at Seeing Red. Here’s my $.02 regarding their piece. Nebraskans have always believed in civic engagement. Our state legislature, the unicameral, is designed to be the most transparent and engaging political process in the country.…


1 month ago

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Pardon the title. As a card-carrying gay man, I’m required to quote Beyoncé lyrics several times a year, and I’m trying to meet quota. Here’s the situation. I’m gonna need you to watch this music video before you proceed to the nuts and bolts of this here blog post. We’re going full female empowerment today, so…

Seeing Red Attends Dream Gala

1 month ago

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Seeing Red was honored to support the Dream Gala coordinated by the UNL Chapter of Define American, an organization that fights injustice and anti-immigrant hate through the power of storytelling. The annual gala raises funds for the Hope for the Future Scholarship, which aims to provide opportunities for higher education to undocumented and DACA youth who…

Nebraska Senator Mike Groene: Unfit to Serve

1 month ago

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I, like many Nebraskans, read about the equine therapy massage bill sponsored by North Platte Senator Mike Groene, (pronounced “Groany”). I have nothing against animal massage. I have been practicing it illegally in my home for several decades. Equine massage therapy sounds rewarding for both animal and practitioner. What I am resentful of is the fact…

Call it by its name Pt 1: The problem is guns

2 months ago

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Last Thursday, a couple hundred Lincolnites filled the Lincoln High School auditorium for a panel advertised as covering a wide range of topics related to school security, including: hiring more school resource officers or installing metal detectors; improving mental health services, threat assessment techniques and coordination among law enforcement; balancing Second Amendment rights with calls…

Governor Death Slaughters Our Healthcare

2 months ago

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Does Ricketts’s black market drug dealer carry Misoprostol? We are asking for 1 in 4 women that will need an abortion in their lifetime. When Texas defunded Planned Parenthood in 2011, teenage pregnancy went up, the self-induced abortion rate went up, and the maternal death rate doubled. Texas is now home to the highest maternal mortality rate…

School Choice = Billionaire Welfare

2 months ago

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Seeing Red has discussed school privatization and the doublespeak about “choice” that shrouds its true intent and purpose previously.  To put it plainly, couched in an argument of “choice” (see any irony here?) school privatization proponents argue that basically any choice a parent may have for their child’s education should be funded by taxpayer dollars…