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Prison programs are an investment in the community

4 days ago

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If you’ve never been inside a prison, your impression of it probably comes from sensationalized Hollywood fare.  Describing all the things wrong about these depictions would take another whole post. Suffice it to say, one of the most important things for the men and women overcrowded inside (so crowded the ACLU has sued the state)…

Ricketts is bald-faced lying about his Nazi

1 week ago

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Let’s just be blunt. Governor Pete Ricketts did not just have an actual Nazi as his Field Director, he is now blowing smoke up Nebraska’s ass about it. Don’t worry, it’s not that reefer smoke they have in Colorado! Here’s what Ricketts’s office said in his press release this week: “The staff person, Bennett Bressman,…

Did Ricketts’s Field Director Vandalize Omaha with White Supremacist Material? We did Nazi that Coming!

1 week ago

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You’ve probably already read that Governor Pete Ricketts’s Field Director Bennett Bressman has been exposed as an actual Nazi. We at Seeing Red spent the better part of an evening reading the data leak of this Aryan youth’s mind vomit so you don’t have to. We discovered something that interested us. On July 2, when…

Yes Means Yes

1 week ago

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Monday is a recess day for the Unicameral, but we’re gearing up for another great week for our team in the legislature. Tuesday A move towards living wages for tipped employees Tuesday morning, Senator Hunt’s bill to raise the minimum wage for tipped workers is on the agenda for the first round of debate. This…

Nebraska’s anti-gay past is still so present that it’s even running for mayor

2 weeks ago

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Patty Pansing Brooks’s bill to make it illegal to discriminate against sexual orientation or gender identity in employment decisions died this week in the Unicameral. (It could be brought back next year if Pansing Brooks finds 33 votes for it). The setback of the anti-discrimination bill was a loss for Nebraska’s residents–not just the ones…

Episode Six: Nebraska School Daze

2 weeks ago

80 words

In Episode 6, April, Stephanie, and Trish focus on issues facing Nebraska schools: a voucher proposal in the legislature, LPS school board races, and a student discipline bill. Our podcast is available on a number of platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, TuneIn, and Stitcher. You can listen to the current episode right now using the…

Guns, Housing, and Americanism (again)

3 weeks ago

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Floor Debate Let’s start with some bills that have advaced out of committee and onto floor debate. This week, Unicameral will debate LB 627, a bill to ban discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community in the workplace, for the first time on the floor. It is currently on the agenda for Tuesday, but living legend Ernie…