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A Theory about Ricketts’s Execution Strategy: Moore is the Guinea Pig for Sandoval

6 days ago

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This is speculation–but it seems plausible enough that I want to float it ahead of the execution of Carey Dean Moore. It’s possible that the Ricketts administration is rushing the execution of Moore in order to eliminate a grounds to stop the execution of Jose Sandoval, whom Ricketts would also like to execute in advance…

Pharmaceutical Company’s Request to Delay Execution Is Denied

1 week ago

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Seeing Red attended the hearing in United States District Court today in which pharmaceutical company Fresenius Kabi sought a temporary restraining order delaying the execution of Carey Dean Moore scheduled for Tuesday, August 14 at 10:00 a.m. Moore will be executed with a cocktail of four drugs. This is a summary of the hearing.   In their…

What Is Going on with the Execution in Nebraska?

1 week ago

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In four days, Nebraska is scheduled to execute Carey Moore by lethal injection. Moore murdered two taxi drivers in Omaha in 1979. He is not fighting his own execution, saying he believes he will be forgiven by Christ upon his death. Because he is not fighting it, the main legal avenue that typically delays or…

An Open Letter to Congressman Fortenberry

1 month ago

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This an open letter to Congressman Jeff Fortenberry written by Seeing Red Guest Contributor George E. Wolf. George is a Professor Emeritus of the English Department at UNL, book review editor at Western American Literature, and a longtime Lincoln activist.     July 6, 2018 Dear Congressman Fortenberry: Thank you for sending me a soundtrack of…

Save Your “Zero Tolerance” for ICE

2 months ago

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Last month, Seeing Red Nebraska wrote that Democrats Need to Commit to Dismantling ICE and we meant it. Last night, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won the NY-14 primary after she campaigned on a platform that included abolishing ICE. Since our first post on the subject in May, many new details have come to light about this full-on humanitarian crisis.…

“America First” is “I’m Next” and Then “You’re Next”

2 months ago

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What’s happening to immigrants and undocumented in this country is a shameful abomination future generations will judge all of us by. The practice of turning away asylum seekers at the border has suddenly become routine, in defiance of U.S. and International law. In a six week period, 2,000 children have been taken and imprisoned. The…