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Show Me the Money- How to Look Up Campaign Donors

3 days ago

790 words

Perhaps you’ve been following the parade of damaging bills in the state legislature this year and wondering where this assault on democracy is coming from. Maybe you want to know who funded the local school board, your mayor, or the university regents elections. You may have real concerns over where their allegiance may lie, or…

School Privatization and Doublespeak (Part 1)

2 weeks ago

1440 words

There is a battle being waged in Nebraska for our schools. Alt-right ideologues and billionaires have joined forces to take down public education, both K-12 and our public Universities. In part one of our school choice series, we will describe the national landscape that has lead to the popularity of defunding public schools.   The…

Is the Legislature Safe for Liberal Voices?

3 weeks ago

236 words

This letter was sent to Speaker Sheer, along with all 49 senators on January 5th, 2018. As of this posting date, I have not received a response addressing my concerns. Senator Jim Scheer Speaker of the Legislature Dear Speaker Scheer, I would like to lodge an official complaint. I believe that Senator Steve Erdman has made…

Meet Your New Secretary of State, Selected by Ricketts

4 weeks ago

991 words

When it comes to the least visible of the Constitutional officers of their state, Nebraskans can be forgiven for not knowing two things: What their Secretary of State does, and Who their new Secretary of State will be. For the past several years, the identity of the Nebraska Secretary of State might not have seemed…

Nebraska, Get Ready for Koch University

1 month ago

621 words

After the horrific announcement this Tuesday that Governor Pete Ricketts intends to plunder the biggest employer and most valuable asset of the state of Nebraska, the University of Nebraska, another piece of news came over the transom—one that may seem unrelated to Ricketts setting fire to the state but is actually connected. The Governor of…

Democrats Must be Champions for LGBTQIA Families

1 month ago

708 words

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Nebraska Democratic Party LGBTQIA Caucus member Joe Shaw.   On Sunday afternoon, the Nebraska Democratic Party’s LGBTQIA Caucus Chair, Brian Whitecalf, was in church when he received a disturbing YouTube video texted to his phone. In the video, a recently announced Democratic candidate for governor, Vanessa Ward,…

Gun Lobbyist hired by Judiciary Committee

1 month ago

691 words

Something stinks in the Judiciary Committee and it’s the Ebke/Clark controversy that nobody is talking about. Before we jump into that, let’s quickly review the committee process. Every bill that is proposed in the unicameral is assigned to a committee, and nearly every bill receives a public hearing. There are 14 standing committees organized by…

Regarding MLK, U.S. Rep. Don Bacon likes the “Civil” but not the “Rights.”

1 month ago

910 words

U.S. Representative Don Bacon, who represents the Omaha area, shared some words about Martin Luther King, Jr. today: At a time of great unrest, [King] showed a calm and powerful restraint. While people on both sides of a battle hurled insults (and weapons) at each other, he remained civil and kind. I have long admired…